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Plato's Cave, Flemish School
Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Puzzle by Matt Ginsberg, edited by Will Shortz
Today’s crossword features ONAPAR (55A. Like, with “with”) beneath SIMILES (51A. Theme of this puzzle) -- DEAF as a post, STRAIGHT as an arrow, NEAT as a pin, CUNNING as a fox, STRONG as an ox WISE as an owl, SICK as a dog, SLIPPERY as an eel, SOBER as a judge, DEAD as a doornail, HARD as a diamond, TIGHT as a drum, CLEAN as a whistle, THIN as a rail, CLEAR as a bell, HIGH as a kite, SOLID as a rock, and BLIND as a bat.
DULLNESS (10D. Tedium), ECLIPSED (38D. Overshadowed), RANPAST (45D. Told to in order to get an opinion) and SAPIENS (5D. Latin for 37-Across) are the remaining long entries.
Mid-size entries -- AARON (12D. Baseball All-Star every year from 1955 to 1975); APSES (32D. Cathedral recesses); ASHES (33A. Barbecue remnants); ATRIA (63A. Indoor trees may grow in them); BADGUY (9D. The Joker in Batman movies, e.g.) and CAPTOR 50D. Prisoner’s opposite); CLYDE (29A. Outlaw Barrow); ECOLI (11D. Gastroenteritis cause, maybe); FLING (13D. Impulsive indulgence); GAGES (21D. Light green plums); GALLON (22A. Jug capacity); ICERS (1A. They put the frosting on the cake); INUSE (52D. Busy); KENAI (40D. Alaskan peninsula where Seward is located); LOSER (47A. Bottom dog); MAGMA (53D. Volcanic buildup); PRIMP (17A. Fix the hair just so, say); ROMANO (4D. Italian cheese); SAMOA (14A. Pacific archipelago nation); SEALE (31A. Newton’s Black Panther Party co-founder); SERAPH (48D. Angelic figure); SNACK (42A. Some chips, maybe) along with the similarly clued NACHOS (49A. Some chips); SPEAK (39A. Command to a dog); TREND (69A. The way things are going).
Short stuff -- AHA and ANDA, ASTI, BANA, CART, ECHO, EMIR, ERBE, GHI, GIRD, KOLA (43D. Nut for caffeine?), INGA, ISME, ISPS, LORI, LUGS, MGR, ONIT, PEEN, RASA, RIEN, SAWS, SEA, SKIS, STER, TOMB (6A. Grant‘s is in New York), UCAL, YARD.
Why am I thinking Plato’s Metaphor of the Cave?
I‘m puzzled! Ah, well, for an adaptation of Plato's Allegory, in Clay, go HERE.
For today’s cartoon, go to The Crossword Puzzle Illustrated.
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. 6A. Grant’s is in New York; 15. “Young Frankenstein” role; 16. Golden State sch.; 18. Bind with a band; 19. Actress Singer of “Footloose”; 30. “Bingo!”; 46. 4 on a telephone; 54. Eric who played 2003’s Hulk; 60. Chowderheads; 61. Sparkling wine locale; 64. Words after “woe”; 65. One end of a hammer. Down: 1. AOL and others; 2. Auto denter in a supermarket parking lot; 3. Leader in a robe; 7. Doing the job; 8. Apartment bldg. V.I.P.; 23. Lawrence Welk’s “one”/”two” connector; 26. Fellers in the woods?; 28. Literally, “scraped”; 35. Repetitive reply; 36. Nordic runners; 43. Nut for caffeine?; 56. Suffix with pun; 57. Kathryn of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”; 58. It means nothing to Sarkozy; 59. Area within a picket fence, say; 62. Pirate’s realm.

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