06.26.09 -- Casual Friday

June 26, 2009
Puzzle by Lynn Lempel, edited by Will Shortz
A very casual Friday crossword with lots of noun and/or verb mix in the clues.
Nine-letter entries --
AAAMEMBER (17A. One calling about a tower, maybe); DNASAMPLE (28D. Bit of forensic evidence); ENVIOUSLY (12D. Way to watch someone win the lottery?); GEEKSQUAD (11D. Techies affiliated with a major electronics chain); GREENZONE (50. Walled-off enclave in Iraq); LIVEDALIE (14A. Was perpetually dishonest); MARRIAGES (48A. Occasions that begin with misses?); REDSQUARE (27D. Military parade site).
Eight-letter -- ASSUAGES (37A. Softens);
BENGHAZI (33D. Libya’s second-largest city); COLLOQUY (24A. Formal discussion); FORSHAME (46A. Cry of reproof); INSPADES (19A. To the extreme; TEMPERED (4D. Like some steel).
Seven -- DERAILS (9D. Thwarts);
GANGWAR (41A. Rumble); LATEFEE (21A. Fine, in a sense); SATEENS (35D. Sheet materials).
Six -- BARKIN (20A. Ellen of “Ocean’s Thirteen”); BARRED (39D. Forbidden);
CAMDEN (5D. New Jersey city that was home to Walt Whitman); DEAFEN (15D. Pierce the ears of); FUMIER (45A. More vaporous); OVERDO (10D. Exaggerate); QANTAS (40A. Kangaroo carrier?); RUNSIN (36D. Arrests); SAIDSO (22A. Made a claim); UNISON (38D. People often sing in it).
Five --
ALBEE (6D. Winner of three Pulitzer Prizes for Drama); AMENS (43D. Famous last words); ARDEN (26A. “All the world’s a stage” monologue setting); AVAST (3D. Check from a deck?); BALDY (20D. Guy who needs no 24-Down) and COMBS (24D. Dopp it items); CAMPY (32A. Like drag shows); CIGAR (32D. It usually has a band around it); DOGES (9A. Bygone magistrates); EVENT (16A. Calendar listing); FLAIL (1D. Beat); GATES (29D. Mountain passes); GOADS (29A. Cattle drivers); GOREN (41D. Bridge guru); LAPSE (47A. Concentration problem); LIANA (2D. Tropical climber); ORLON (49A. Knitwear material); PEENS (51A. Tool parts for bending and shaping); REDYE (36A. Make even brighter, say); REEVE (18A. 1998 Grammy winner for narrating his book “Still Me”); RESET (44D. Back to zero, say); SITBY (35A. Be indifferent); SOAPY (22D. Ivory-covered?); WAGON (42D. Family car, informally).
Short stuff --
ALFA (26D. Romeo might go after it); BALK (33A. Resist); BUN (39A. Dog holder); CAPP (5A. Lower Slobbovia creator); FARE (46D. It’s taken for a ride); FLAT (1A. What a 17-Across might get assistance with); FDA (34A. Recalling org.); FLOP (45D. Lay an egg); INST (53A. Franklin in Phila., e.g.); LEND (31A. Give up for a while); MEND (52A. Make sound); MGM (48A. Letters associated with a lion); PER (8D. Minute or hour lead-in); PIES (7D. Quiches, e.g.); REN (23A. Nickelodeon title character); STEN (13D. Antique gun); USO (30A. Grp. Of major supporters?); YOKE (25D. It can hold a team together).
So, go casual!
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