06.15.09 -- Public Relations

June 15, 2009
Puzzle by John Dunn, edited by Will Shortz
PRMEN (38A. Promoters … or a description of 17-, 23-, 46- and 57-Across?), along with PHILIP ROTH (17A. “Portnoy’s Complaint” author), PAT ROBERTSON (23A. Founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network), PIERRE RENOIR (46A. “Le Déjeuner des Canotiers” painter), PAUL REVERE (57A. He didn’t really cry “The British are coming!”) and IMAGE (47D. Concern of 38-Across) are the interrelated entries of this Monday crossword.
Other long entries include FINISH LINE (11D. Where winners are often photographed), IT’S A SECRET (29D. “Mum’s the word!”), followed by mid-size entries of
ASSETS (10D. Stock, bank deposits, real estate, etc.), DEPEND (45A. Bank on) and DEPRIVES (39D. Takes away from with “of”), ROLE PLAY (4D. Be a wizard or an elf, say, in Dungeons and Dragons), SPILLS (27A. What oil cleanups clean up) and TRENDS (44D. Stock analysts study them).
Five-letter entries -- ABASH (30A. Make ashamed);
AESOP (14A. “The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs” writer); AMIGO (12D. Friend in a sombrero); BARES (25D. Reveals); BEIGE (22A. Hosiery hue); ECONO (7D. Commercial prefix with Lodge); ELUDE (48D. Escape from); EMCEE (50A. Billy Crystal or Whoopi Goldberg for the Oscars, often); ERROR (32D. Misplay, e.g.); EUROS (32A. Italian and French bread?); GENIE (62A. Three wishes granter); JUROR (6D. One of 12 at a trial); LENIN (42A. Russian revolutionary with a goatee); METAL (31A. Silver or platinum); NILES (49D. “Frasier” character); OSIER (65A. Willow for wicker); PEDAL (46D. Piano part); SNARE (1A. Trap); STENO (43A. Old office note taker); WARPS (41A. Twists out of shape).
AS IT WERE (3D. With 41-Down, seemingly), RIPEN (13D. Mature) and AGED (60A. Matured) lead off the short stuff -- AFAR, AID, AKIN, ALL and ALT, BRAS, DARN, DIKE, DOER, EBON, EGO and EON, EPI, ERIE, ETA, IVES, JEAN, LAM, LEI and LIE, LETS, MEND, NAH and NEHI, ODES, PANE, PEAT and PETS, PRO, RIDE, SAPS, SEER, SIMI, SITE, SMEE, UCLA, UMP and VENI.
EASY (37A. “Duck soup!”)!
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Remaining clues -- Across: 6. Actress Stapleton of “All in the Family”; 10. Way off; 15. The Bruins of the N.C.A.A.; 16. ___ Valley, Calif.; 19. Quick cut; 20. Word after Web or camp; 21. Geological stretch; 22. Hosiery hue; 34. Escape; 39. It may hold back the sea; 40. Flight info; 51. Perjure oneself; 52. Currier’s partner in lithography; 56. “Phooey!”; 61. Ferris wheel or bumper cars; 63. Tennis do-overs; 64. Poetical tributes. Down: 1. Drains; 2. Classic soft drink; 5. Prefix with center; 8. Computer key abbr.; 9. “I’ll pass”; 18. No ___ Allowed (motel sign); 22. They’re worn under blouses; 24. The works; 26. Deep black; 27. “Peter Pan” pirate; 28. Mulching matter; 33. Official behind a catcher; 35. Related (to); 36. Repair; 38. Window section; 42. Luau gift; 45. Activist; 53. Start of Caesar’s boast; 54. Clairvoyant; 57. Golf lesson provider; 58. Relief; 59. Kind of trip for the conceited.

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