06.05.09 -- Lamb Unto My Feat

The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, Ghent Altarpiece, begun by Hubert van Eyck, who died in 1426 whilst work was underway, and completed by his younger brother Jan van Eyck.
June 5, 2009
Puzzle by Martin Ashwood-Smith, edited by Will Shortz
This puzzle features four 15-letter entries -- AS GENTLE AS A LAMB (36A. Totally benign), DEFINITE ARTICLE (8D. Billy the Kid used one for his nickname), STRAW MATTRESSSES (32A. Poorhouse bedding) and REMOVE ALL TRACES (7D. 30-Down thoroughly), the last accompanied by ERASE (30D. See 7-Down) -- in a fairly gentle Friday get-away-day crossword. Crossing in the center of the puzzle sharing the letter H are NORTHEAST (21D. One between two cardinals?) and RAILHEADS (35A. Termini). After that group, the crossword is awash with seven-letter entries and their fair, but generally inscrutable clues:
Across, numerical order --
MINSTER (1. Important church); DEBATED (8. Like controversial issues); ONE LOVE (15. Bob Marley classic); EYE-HOLE (16. It lets you see who’s calling); THEOREM (17. Something to prove); FRASIER (18. Fictional psychiatrist); CRONIES (20. Gang members); ORATION (50. It may begin with an exordium); TITANIC (54. 1912 headline name); CREPT UP (56. Got high gradually); IN EXILE (58 Like Victor Hugo when he finished “Les Misérables”); LANE ONE (59. Pole position or pool position); CEREALS (60. Some like them hot); ENTERED (61. Registered for).
Down --
MOTHER (1. They deliver); INHERIT (2. Be a willing participant?); NEEDIER (3. Requiring more support); TOILERS (12. Slaves); ELEVATE (13. Up); DERIDES (14. Pooh-poohs); CLARETS (24. Red choices); RASSLER (27. Part of a backwoods mix-up); ASCETIC (36. Like some monks); SARDINE (37. Subway rrider during rush hour metaphorically); GLITTER (38. Striking brilliance); AVIATOR (39. Post, for one); MISTUNE (40. Make a B instead of an A?); BLEEPED (41. Like some profanity).
Five-letter entries, alphabetically -- ANENT (48D. Regarding); ARISE (48A. Proceed from); BEAST (10D. Half of a Disney duo, with “the”); 45A.
Street magician CRISS Angel; EERIE (29A. Like many an omen); EMITS (29D. Lets off); ERICH (23A. Psychoanalyst Fromm); SONIA (46D. “Peter and the Wolf” duck); STARE (43A. Act rudely, in a way); TORCH (5D. What an unrequited lover carries); TREAD (26A. It may be worn on a sneaker).
Short stuff -- AHS, ARTE and ATE and AXE, EDA and EDT, EVER,
Have a good weekend!
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Remaining clues -- Across: 19. “___ sow’t with nettle-seed”: Shak.; 22. Year in Nero’s reign; 25. From, in some European names; 28. Phnom Penh cash; 31. Works in the Uffizi; 42. It’s often pinched; 44. Foul; 47. Character lineup; 49. Regional setting for almost eight months per yr.; 53. Got into a pickle? Down: 4. Brief warning; 6. Loving leader?; 9. Jane Rochester’s maiden name; 11. They often mean “I see”; 33. Not sanguine; 34. ___ Reiss Merin, babysitter player in “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”; 51. Moon marking; 52. North African harbor site; 55. Bad ___, Mich. (seat of Huron County); 57. Peruvian capital?

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