06.01.09 -- The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show
June 1, 2009 -- Children’s Day
Puzzle by John Farmer, edited by Will Shortz
THE TONIGHT SHOW (TV home for this puzzle’s five featured TV personalities), along with STEVE ALLEN (First in a series of five TV personalities, 1954-57), JACK PAAR (Second in a series of five TV personalities, 1957-62), JOHNNY CARSON (Third in a series of five TV personalities, 1962-92), JAY LENO (Fourth in a series of five TV personalities, 1992-2009), CONAN O’BRIEN (Five in a series of five TV personalities, starting June 1, 2009) and HOST are the interrelated entries of this Monday crossword.
Other -- ABOMINATE (43A. Despise); ALIEN TO (7D. Not consistent with, as a way of thinking); 24D. “He doesn’t have A MEAN bone in his body“; ASHTON (43D. Actor Kutcher); AT PEACE (30A. Free from worry); BEANIE 11D. Close-fitting cap); BOO HOO (44D. [Sob!]); Debug (42d. Clear of defects, as software);
DENEUVE (42A. French actress Catherine); ERRORS (13A. Dropped flies and bad throws, in baseball); IN AGES (21A. Since way back when); INTIMATES (28A. Closest friends); JARGON (6D. Tech talk, e.g.); LESSON (23A. Teacher’s teaching); MAYORS (12D. City hall leaders); OLSENS (45D. Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley); ON TIME (63A. Prompt); REDUCE (54A. Decrease) and TIDIER (47D. Neater).
Entries that ECHO (51D. Bounce back, as sound) --
AESIR and AETNA, ANTE and ANTIS, ERNS and ERNIE, LEA and LIEN, NEA and NEG, ONE and OON, ROME and RONA, SONS and SUN, TAM and TAP, GIBE AT and IN JEST, and colors of CYAN (32D. Shade of blue) and MAGENTA (41D. Purplish tint).
Miscellaneous -- ALEE, BASIE, CEES, IBM, INCE, ITO, KEN, MAJ, MIMI, MOT, MPH, NEG, NOS, OVA, OWEN, PHIL, PRO, REST, SECT, SNAG, SOLOS, STL, TDS, TROD and VOA (4D. U.S. broadcaster overseas).
Heeeeere’s Johnny!
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Remaining clues -- Across: 10. “Think” sloganeer; 15. Sheltered from the wind; 16. Teacher’s org.; 20. Football six-pointers, for short; 24. Norse race of gods; 25. “La Boheme” heroine”; 33. Two halved; 40. Scot’s cap; 48. Minor hang-up; 61. Suffix with bal; 62. Opening stake; 64. Telephone book info: Abbr. Down: 1. Religious offshoot; 2. Trampled; 3. Sea eagles; 5. Bert’s “Sesame Street” pal; 8. Middling grades; 9. Author Follett; 14. Daughter’s counterparts; 18. Bandleader Count ___; 22. Good place to have a cow?; 23. Property claim; 25. Not minor: Abbr.; 26. “How was ___ know?”; 27. Speed limit abbr.; 29. Early film director Thomas H. ___; 31. “Nay” sayers; 36. Observe the Sabbath; 37. The Sabbath, to Christians: Abbr.; 38. Eggs in a lab; 39. Less than zero: Abbr.; 46. Bon ___ (clever remark); 52. Insurance provider since 1850; 54. Jaffe or Barrett; 55. Grammy-winning Collins; 56. All roads lead to this, they say; 57. Wilson of “Zoolander”; 59. Strike lightly; 60. Letters on a Cardinals cap.

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