06.28.09 -- Secret Ingredients

The Three Witches in Macbeth, 1948 film by Orson Welles
June 28, 2009
SECRET INGREDIENTS, Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz
The long entries of this plodding puzzle exist in the main to contain letters within circles spelling out DILL, OREGANO, FENNEL, PEPPER, ROSEMARY, THYME, JASMINE and GINGER "hidden" in the entries of ADMIRAL NELSON (23A. Battle of Trafalgar hero) which produces
dill; COARSE-GRAINED WOOD (38A. Oak or ash), oregano; FALLEN ANGEL (60A. Lucifer, notably), fennel; PAY THE PIPER (83A. Suffer for acting unwisely), pepper; PRINCETON SEMINARY (101A. New Jersey ecumenical institution), rosemary; TIMOTHY Q MOUSE (124A. Tiny friend of Dumbo), thyme; JAMES A MICHENER (17D. “The World Is My Home” memoirist, 1991), jasmine; MANAGING EDITOR (52D. Deadline maker), ginger.
Remaining across: 1. Blade for blades, SCYTHE; 7. Pandemonium, BEDLAM; 13.
1965 title role for Peter O’Toole, LORD JIM; 20. Rip into, TEAR AT; 21. Loose, AT EASE; 22A. Cow, OVERAWE; 25. Last king of a united Israel, in the Bible, SOLOMON; 26. Chinese export, TEA; 27. Sleep like A LOG; 28. Kind of track, TENURE; 30. Proceed, WEND; 31. “God’s IN HIS heaven, all’s right with the world”; 33. Manhattan neighborhood, NOHO; 35. Two-time host of the Olympics, ATHENS; 43. Antique, say, AGE; 46. Obama cabinet member Salazar, KEN; 47. Silents star Renée ADOREE; 48. Platypus, e.g., MAMMAL; 50. Hasty escape, LAM; 53. Not so civil, RUDER; 56. Slate, e.g., informally, E-MAG; 57. Computer letters, E-MAILS; 58. “She’s A RAG doll” (4 Seasons lyric); 63. ESPN topic, NCAA; 64. It was flown by James Bond in “Dr. No”, PAN AM; 68. Investor’s concern, YIELD; 67. Mimic of a sort, MYNAH; 69. Site of many a fountain, PLAZA; 70. SAM’S Club; 71. You may work on it, SPEC; 74. Container that’s hoisted, STEIN; 77. Costume, GET-UP; 79. Kid, TEASE; 80. Title girl of a 1964 Beach Boys song, WENDY; 81. Runner Zátopek, EMIL; 88. Spiny EELS (aquarium fish); 89. The Brady Bill is one, GUN LAW; 91. Elvis’s middle name, ARON; 92. “Me too”, SO DO I; 94. Bar stock, RYE; 95. German chancellor Merkel, ANGELA; 96. 1983 Peace Nobelist, WALESA; 98. Magazine department, ART; 100. Stop, DIE; 108 Daydreamer’s doing, DOODLE; 110. Biblical kingdom, MOAB; 111. Fifth-century pope, ST LEO; 112. Medical suffix, ITIS; 114. Party to a financial transaction, DRAWEE; 118. Transaction option, CASH; 120. Upper limit, LID; 121 Co-star of “Gumpy Old Men, “ 1993, MATTHAU; 127. Amorphous, AMOEBIC; 128. Like a yellow polka dot bikini in a 1961 #1 hit, TEENIE; 129. The Father of Genetics, MENDEL; 130. Eat away CORRODE; 131. Tumult, UNREST; 132. Lays low?, INTERS.
Down: Interference, STATIC; 2.
César CEDENO, five-time Gold Glove winner, 1972-76; 3. Kawasaki competitor, YAMAHA; 4. Numerical prefix, TRI; 5. Tormentor, HARASSER; 6. Abbr. after some names, ET AL; 7. City on the Penobscot, BANGOR; 8. When ecole is not in session, ETE; 9. Shoulder muscle, DELTOID; 10. Perform high-tech surgery on, LASE; 11. “And she shall bring forth A SON”. Matthew 1:21; 12. It may be written on a blackboard, MENU; 13. Finish behind, LOSE TO; 14. Egg: Prefix, OVO; 15. Brother or brother-in-law: Abbr., REL; 16. Be covered, with “in”, DROWN; 18. Cry of glee, I WON; 19. Heal, MEND; 24. Time-consuming, LONG; 29. Possible source of salmonella poisoning, RAW EGG; 32. Bug, IRK; 34. Tulip-exporting city, HAARLEM; 36. Plain, HOMELY; 37. Cheese town, EDAM; 39. Ample, informally, ENUF; 40. NO END in sight; 41. Witty Bombeck, ERMA; 42. School appointment, DEAN; 44. Bash, GALA; 46. Designer Schiaparelli, ELSA; 49. Sighting off the Florida coast, MANATEE; 50. Dweller on the Arctic Circle, LAPP; 51. Uzbekistan’s ARAL Sea; 54. Place for a masseuse, DAY SPA; 55. “Dream Children” essayist, ELIA; 59. Swift runner, GAZELLE; 61. 2002 British Open champ, ELS; 62. Made introductions, say, EMCEED; 65. Gymnast’s need, MAT; 68. Australian state: Abbr., NSW; 71. Equinox mo., SEP; 72. Buddy, PAISANO; 73. Former Orr teammate, familiarly ESPO; 75. Without purpose, IDLY; 76. It has 1,366 seats: Abbr. NYSE; 78. To the stars, UPWARD; 79. Principle, TENET; 81. Old expletive, EGAD; 82. Bond type, briefly, MUNI; 84. Big bore, YAWNER; 85. Gillette’s TRAC II; 86. Argument weakness, HOLE; 87. Meander, ROAM; 90. Purina brand, ALPO; 93. Ones whose symbol is a harp, IRISHMEN; 97. A person, SOMEONE; 99. Coyote’s supply in Road Runner cartoons, TNT; 102. Axis leader, IL DUCE; 103. Bag in a closet, SACHET; 104. Web site with the headings “Toys & Hobbies”: and “Music”, E-BAY; 105. Refer, ALLUDE; 106. Paul of “Made About You”, REISER; 107. Snack food made by Drake’s, YODELS; 109. Blender brand, OSTER; 112. G4 or G5, IMAC; 113. TAMO-shanter; 115. North Pacific island, ATTU; 116. Locale for Apfelstrudel and Sachertorte, WIEN; 117. Like 911: Abbr., EMER; 119. 640 acres: Abbr., SQ MI; 122. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” airer, HBO; 123. First AID; 125. Poetic contraction, TIS; 126. Home of Point Pelee Natl. Park, ONT.
No more secrets!
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Maurizio said...

We've been working on the NY Times puzzles since we moved to the US, in 2000. No problems with "big words"(especially the Latin/Greek based ones) but a disaster with US history and pop culture references: thanks to you we don't have to leave the puzzles half way done and we always learn something new.
Thank you.