06.19.09 -- Puzzling People

Paradise of Dante Alighieri, Canto XXXI, illustration by Gustave Dore
June 19, 2009
Puzzle by David Levinson Wilk, edited by Will Shortz
People in the puzzle --
ANDREAS (7D. Two-time Greek P.M. Papandreou); 9D. Civil-rights leader ASA Philip Randolph); 34D. Dumas’s “La Dame AUX Camélias”; ELLEN (43A. First name of two first ladies); EVA MARIE (37D. Saint of acting); JAMES DEAN (48A. Actor who said “Only the gentle are ever really strong”); a HIRER (1D. Engaging sort); IMUS (31A. Big name in radio); ISAK DINESEN (15A. “Babette’s Feast” author, 1950); JASON (29A. Husband of a sorceress, in myth); LAMARR (44D. Strange woman player in “The Strange Woman,” 1946); MINETA (46D. 2001-06 secretary of transportation); NEREUS (8D. Mythical Aegean Sea dweller); a PROTEGEE (13D. She has a personal trainer); ROYS (54D. Artist Lichtenstein and others); TEY (28A. “Miss Pym Disposes” mystery novelist); and last but hardly least, there’s the lovely, scheming Eve of ALL ABOUT EVE (57A. 1960 movie on which the musical “Applause” is based).
The remaining eight-letter-and/or-longer entries include EULOGIZES (25A. Speaks about gravely?); EXPRESS LANE (64A. Something to pass in); GROSSEST (14D. Least refined); LIPSTICK (22D. Contents of a cylindrical case);
LYIN’ EYES (24D. What “you can’t hide” per a 1975 Eagles hit); MEZUZAHS (12D. Jewish parchment scrolls put on doorposts); OLD JEANS (35D. They may be patched); PEARLY GATES (62A. Setting of many New Yorker cartoons); PIRACIES (36D. Crimes on the high seas); RANT AND RAVE (17A. Carry on).
Six- and seven-letter --
AIR TAXI (56A. With 41-Across, it makes short hops); AS A SET (2D. How dishes are often sold); DRIVEN (47D. Motivated); JUTTED (29D. Stuck out); LIVED TO (39A. Reached the age of); ON LOAN (27D. Out, in a way); OPEN IT (35A. Present day demand?); OUTSET (38A. Origin); SANTEE (3D. South Carolina river to the Atlantic); SLASHES (33A. They may go forward or backward); TENABLE (41D. Sound).
Five -- 5D.
ADAM’S apple; 11D. Lay AN EGG; E-CASH (52A. Direct deposits, e.g.); GLUTS (21A. Market surpluses); REELS (23A. Cassette components); SHAPE (49D. Straighten up); SKIRT (50A. Get around); SLUGS (50D. Not-always-taken tokens); 51D. 1995 Bon Jovi album “THESE Days”.
Verdi’s “NEI giardin del bello“, NEV, NIH, OLE, PAGE, SSE, 60D. “Que TAL?” (Jose’s “How’s it going?”); TKT, ZOO (18A. Where the wild things are?).
HASTA MANANA (1A. South-of-the-border sign-off)!
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Remaining clues -- Across: 12. Consumption meas.; 16. Cause an interception, e.g.; 19. Round number, maybe: Abbr.; 20. Piddling; 30. Calendar unit; 42. Horse-pulled vehicle; 45. Mil. Authority; 53. Earthy deposit; 55. Fed. Agency with an annual almanac; 63. Jacksonville-to-Daytona Beach dir. Down: 6. Elevator locale; 10. Home of the Black Rock Desert: Abbr.; 26. L.A.P.D. division?; 32. Morning or night lead-in; 40. Shout to someone in danger of getting stuck; 58. Big Apple ave.; 59. Provider of PC support.

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