06.29.09 -- Say Cheese!

Mousetrap, Shelley Grund
June 29, 2009
Puzzle by Paula Gamache, edited by Will Shortz
GOOD, BETTER and BEST found in the entries of GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP (17A. Seven or eight hours, typically), BETTER MOUSE TRAP (35A. Inventor’s goal) and BEST-KEPT SECRETS (52A. They rarely see the light of day) comprise the interrelated entries of this Monday, back-to-work crossword puzzle.
OLD HABITS (4D. Things that die hard) and STAR TURNS (34D. Bravura performances) are the other two entries of any length, followed by two eight-letter entries, GENIUSES (48A. Brainy bunch), ON THE SLY (20A. Furtively) and two seven-letter entries, PREEMIE (23A. Early delivery in the delivery room), SAT HOME (44A. Did nothing).
HORSES (43A. Mustangs, e.g.) and RANGE (40A. Where 43-Across run free) are inter-clued.
Six-letter -- EROTIC (37D. X-rated); E-TYPES (26D. Classic Jaguars); HONEST (43D. “Really and truly”); ICE AGE (25D. Freezing period); ISSUES (9D. Topics of debate); LOW KEY (42D. Hardly ostentatious); MOURNS (24D. Expresses great sorrow); NEGATE (128D. Make null and void); NOT BAD (27A. “Hey, way to go!”); NO BUTS (27D. “Forget the excuses!”); OREIDA (28D. Frozen potato brand); POISED (5D. Self-confident, as a pageant contestant); ROOMIE (36D. Dormmate); STRIPS (19D. Prepares to streak); TB TEST (29D. Diagnostic that entails sticking the forearm with a needle).
Five -- ANGLE (6D. Journalistic slant); HD TVS (45D. Modern viewing options, for short); INCUR (9a. Bring upon oneself); KNOLL (30D. Small, rounded hill); MESAS (46D. Flat-topped Southwestern hills); NOLTE (10D. Nick of “48 HRS.”); OLIVE (56A. Martini garnish); ORBIT (32A. Moon’s path); PRIUS (23D. Fuel-efficient Toyota);
SOUSE (16A. Drunkard) and the milder TIPSY (59A. A little drunk).
Short stuff -- ACHY, AGEE, ASST, BOT, CUE, DOAS, DWI (47A Drunk motorist‘s offense, briefly), ECOL, ELI, ETUI, GTOS, ICON, KRIS, LEGO, LIMO, LOLL, MOOT and MOTT, NEUT, OCT, OILS, ONCE, PAR, PDA, REP and RET, SEEK, SIP (54D. Not guzzle), SKIS, SNIP, SSTS, SUEY, TDS, TUT, UIES, USE.
It’s a short week this week -- SMILE (33D. “Say cheese!”)!
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. Prom night transportation; 5. Jack who once hosted “The Tonight Show”; 14. “Green” sci.; 15. “___ upon a time …”; 21. When repeated, sound of disapproval; 30. Kristofferson of music; 31. Columbus Day mo.; 33. Salon sound; 34. Chop ___; 38. 180-degree turns, in slang; 39. Removes a squeak from; 41. Super Bowl stats; 42. Do nothing and like it; 46. Rock’s ___ the Hoople; 47. Drunk motorist’s offense, briefly; 57. “___ I say, not …”); 58. Neither fem. Nor masc.; 60. Igor, to Dr. Frankenstein: Abbr.; 61. Equipment at Vail. Down: 1. Plastic block brand; 2. Pic you can click; 3. Not worth debating, as a point; 7. Sore all over; 8. Like Gen. Colin Powell: Abbr.; 11. Pool player’s stick; 12. Take advantage of; 13 Dem.’s opponent; 48. Old Pontiac muscle cars; 49. Hide-and-___; 50. Decorative needle case; 51. Former fast fliers; 52. Automaton, for short; 53. Yeller in the Yale Bowl; 54. Not guzzle; 55. BlackBerry or iPhone, briefly.

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