06.11.11 — A Better Man

Sam Jaffe as Gunga Din in the film based on the Kipling poem, 1939


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Puzzle by Gary Cee / Edited by Will Shortz

YOU’RE A BETTER MAN / THAN I AM GUNGA DIN (17A. With 53-Across, classic Kipling poem ending) provides a worthy quotation for this smooth Saturday crossword featuring ten eight-letter answers — AS NEEDED (14D. One way to take drugs), ASSENT TO, DOMINANT, FURLOUGH, NORMA RAE, PRACTICE, REBOOTED, SANTA ANA, SWITCH ON and UNEARNED (35D. Scored due to an error).

Seven-letter — GIACOMO (57A. Casanova’s first name), HERE NOW (59A. “Without further ado …”), INDOORS (16A. Where it never rains), MA AND PA (8A. Kettles, e.g.), ON A DATE (58A. At the movies, say), ROGAINE (15A. Hair-raising stuff?), TONETTE (56. Small, simple flute), TWITTER (1A. Service with many followers).

Six — ALSACE (42D. Strasbourg is its capital), ESKIMO (44D. Like the language Kalaallisut), IGUANA (3D. Creature in a Tennessee Williams title), LEAD ON, MAUMEE and SWANEE (40D. River through Toledo; 37A. Gershwin‘s first hit), MT SNOW, SÉANCE (31D. Attempt to enter dead space?), TARTAR, TRYSTS (1D. Getaways that people try to get away with), WOOLEN / MITTEN (8D. One deserving a hand?; 2D. Like some 8-Downs).

Five — ANNIE, ANTSY, BECKS, BRAID (28A. Challah form), COLTS (20A. Pro team with a horseshoe logo), ELBOW (18D. Brachium‘s end), ENACT, LAMES, PAULA, PRATT, RUN ON, SALEM, SINES, SNARL, TOBEY (23A. “White Writing“ painter Mark), YOUNG.

Short stuff — ADE, ANEW, Penny ANTE, ETTA, Alligator GAR (underwater menace), ITA, LEST, MICE, MOR, NEE, NCAR, SAC and SAKS, SLAT, TENA, TIE, TON, YUCK (38A. “Ewww!”).

Din! Din! Din!
You Lazarushian-leather Gunga Din!
Tho’ I've belted you an’ flayed you,
By the livin' Gawd that made you,
You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din!


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 19. Plane wing component; 21. Many trial subjects; 22. ___ PENNY (Very common, in British lingo); 25. Quagmire; 27. Unit of fun?; 29. Fresh; 32. Kind of identity; 36. Like many gems; 39. Curve creators; 40. Tangier location: Abbr.; 41. East Coast city where tourism peaks in October; 46A. “___ Is Betta Than Evvah!” (1976 album); 47. Creamer who won the 2010 U.S. Women’s Open; 49. In case; 50. Duke’s setting: Abbr.; 51. Talk, talk, talk; 52. Barneys rival. — DOWN: 4. Dental concern; 5. Potential play prolonged; 6. Put into 13-Down; 7. Started over, in a way; 9. Apprehensive; 10. Suffix with grape; 11. Field work that was award-winning; 12. Ruling; 13. The way things are done; 26. Wings, e.g.; 28. St. Pauli Girl alternative; 30. It’s between Obama and Robinson; 31. Holder of eggs; 32. Give a thumbs-up; 33. Activate, in a way; 34. Orange neighbor; 36. Leave; 38. Y.M.C.A. section?; 43. Bait; 45. Vt. Ski resort; 47. Big name in aircraft engines; 48. Miss Hannigan’s charge, on Broadway; 54. Spanish name suffix.


geoff said...

I see an F*** you and also a me

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what "NCAR" stands for? I'm thinking this is a typo, as the only thing I can find is the National Center for Atmospheric Research -- which is not located at Duke. I am mystified.

DONALD said...



DONALD said...


N CAR as in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

There is definitely a major obscenity built into the middle of this puzzle...