06.17.11 — Friday

The Princess Giselle, Disney’s “Enchanted” 2007


Friday, June 17, 2011

Puzzle by Paula Gamache / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Cause of a paradigm shift, GAME CHANGER; 12. Prepare for pain, BITE THE BULLET; 14. It takes a lot to get one upset, CAST IRON STOMACH; 16. Stadium support?, OLE; 17. Antiquity’s antithesis, NEWNESS; 18. “Vox populi, vox DEI”; 19. Disney animator Johnston who received the National Medal of Arts, OLLIE; 21. Civil Rights Memorial designer, LIN; 22. Like some milk, SPILT; 24. KOLN Bonn Airport; 25. One of a sailing trio, PINTA; 27. 25-Across part, HELM; 28. Opting not to strike out?, STETTING; 30. German/Polish border river, NEISSE; 32. 24-Across article, EINE; 33. Smithereens, BITS; 34. Longtime guitar brand, IBANEZ; 37. “I’m with you, SAME HERE; 41 Little belts, NIPS; 42. Have A FILE on (monitor officially); 44. Plane figures?, ETAS; 45. Philosopher Kierkegaard, SOREN; 47. She, in São Paulo, ELA; 48. Unpolished, CRASS; 49. Grp. With a “decent work” agenda, ILO; 50. They often get incorporated into the body, ADDENDA; 53. Follower of many a mineralogist’s name, ITE; 54. Tendency to overcompensate for a perceived shortcoming, NAPOLEON COMPLEX; 57. Hunter with rough hair, BORDER TERRIER; 58. Spoke up with one’s head down?, SAID A PRAYER.

Down — 1. 2007 Disney princess, GISELLE; 2. Fig. at the bar, ATT; 3. MEINE Liebe (Dear, in Dresden); 4. To be overseas, ETRE; 5. Waiters in a mess, CHOW LINE; 6. “World of Magic” Emmy nominee, HENNING; 7. Without, ABSENT; 8. Party bowlful, NUTS; 9. Brief explanation, GLOSS; 10. The Liberty Tree, for one, ELM; 11. Gears up, READIES; 12. X-0box setting?, BALLOT; 13. Immune system circulators, T CELLS; 14. Doctors, COOKS; 15. Words that’ll get you carded?, HIT ME; 20. Extreme, INTENSE; 23. High-tech scam artist, PHISHER; 25. Singer with a short-lived 1950s sitcom, PINZA; 26 Manga set in motion, ANIME; 29. Image on some joke T-shirts, TIE; 31. When French fans circulate?, ETE; 33. Gymnast, often, BALANCER; 34. Not righteously, IN SIN; 35. Place for cultural studies?, BIOLAB; 36. Regarding, APROPOS; 37. “Psycho” feature, SILENT P; 38. Site-specific merchant?, ETAILER; 39. Scan lines on a monitor, RASTER; 40. New Jersey county whose seat is in Newark, ESSEX; 43. Accessory for Sinatra, FEDORA; 46. Actress Nita who never made a talkie, NALDI; 48. Prius alternative, CAMRY; 51. Owning evidence, DEED; 52. Pseudonym of a noted Freud patient, DORA; 55. 3,600 secondi, ORA; 56. Amount to be divided, PIE.


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