06.29.11 — U for O

Markus Mayer Gnome Skull Figure / Statue Dark Art


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Puzzle by Tony Orbach / Edited by Will Shortz

Exchanging the sound of a short U for that of a long O transforms “come on over“, Jamaican rum, “don’t play dumb” and “numbskull” into COMB ON OVER (17A. Balding person’s directive to a barber?), JAMAICAN ROAM (27A. Meandering trip from Kingston to Montego Bay?, DON’T PLAY DOME (43A. Covered stadium that’s off-limits to bands?) and GNOME SKULL (57A. Protection for a fairy-tale dwarf’s brain?) in this grim Wednesday crossword.

Other — BALEEN (52A. Whalebone), DEEMED, EPITAPH (48A. Famous last words?), HANG LOOSE (11D. Chill), I MISSED (42D. “Oops!,” to a shooter), IMPAIR, LOIN CLOTH (33D. Ascetic’s wear), MARS BARS (9D. Alternatives to Butterfingers), RATATAT, SALINGER (37D. “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” writer), SCAGGS (22A. “Lido Shuffle” singer Boz), SHORT A (6D. January 2nd?), THE WHO (44D. “Tommy” rockers), TWO-STAR.

Five-letter — ABOIL, ABUSE, ADMIT, CHOIR (47A. Kapellmeister‘s charge), DIEGO, EASEL, ENDOW, ENOLA (2D. “Waterworld“ girl), HELLO, IBEAM, IXNAY, LEANT, LECAR, PELEG, SANDS, SOLAR.

Short stuff — ABET, ACED, AJAR and AJAX, ALI and ALIA and ASIA, AVEC (53A. Tours “with“), AVOW, AYE, BABE, BAJA, BEE, BETH, BPOE, CONS, ECHO, EYRE, HOYA, IHOP, “Lord, is IT I?”, Chiang KAI-shek, Henry KNOX, LEIS (54A. Strings of islands?), LORD, MAAM, MALL (16A. Chambers of commerce?), NOAM, NOB, NYU, OLA, OLEG, ONTO, OPIE, PLUS, RUDD, SKID, SORE, SWAM, WOVE, XERS.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Inclined; 6. Didn’t sink; 10. Place to order a stack, say; 14. Fund; 15. Georgetown athlete; 19. French tire; 24. Knocking sound; 26. Like geysers; 31. Green option; 34. Boomers’ followers; 35. Commercial suffix with Cray-; Henry ___, first secretary of war; 37. Bygone Las Vegas casino; 39. ___-Pacific; 41. State bordering the Pacific, informally; 42. Construction piece; 55. Drone, e.g.; 56. Acknowledge; 60. “Little Women” woman; 61. “Jane ___”; 62. Canvas holder; 63. Bounce back; 64. Paul who co-starred in “I Love You, Man”; 65. Argentine soccer hero Maradona. — DOWN: 1. Old Renault; 3. Open a door to; 4. Head, slangily; 5. Somewhere between excellent and poor, as a restaurant; 7. Didn’t go straight; 8. When repeated, a cry at sea; 10. Damage; 12. Cassini of fashion; 13. “Not only that …”; 18. First name in linguistics; 23. Bamboozles; 25. “Iliad” figure; 26. Breezed through; 28. “No siree!”; 29. Inter ___; 30. Sir’s counterpart; 31. Kind of mark; 32. Not tricked by; 38. A little open; 39. Help with a job; 41. Fraternal grp.; 45. Considered; 46. Bullying, e.g.; 50. Pequod co-owner; 51. “You there?”; 52. Honey; 54. One “a-leaping” in a Christmas song; 58. Big Apple sch.

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