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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Puzzle by Jeffrey Wechsler / Edited by Will Shortz

Three pairs, HIDDEN AGENDA and HAAGEN-DAZS (22A. What 16-Across has?; 16A. Food product whose name is an example of “foreign branding“), DENTAL FILLING and RESIDENT ALIEN (39A. What 28-Across has?; 28A. Guest worker, e.g.), INSIDE DOPE and GRAND OPENING (58A. What 46-Across has?; 46A. Ribbon-cutting ceremony) constitute the interrelated group of this clever Wednesday crossword.

Other — AM FM RADIO (13A. Dashboard accessory), CEMENTAL NAIL (10D. Fastener for basement flooring, perhaps), DELIRIOUS (61A. Really out of it), ENNEADS (40D. Diamond complements), IMOGENE (9D. Sid’s sidekick of early TV), USED CAR LOT (26D. Sleazy salesman’s site, stereotypically).

Mid-size — ADDED, ARCING (44D. Proceeding like a lob), BAD END (53A. A villain might come to one), BREEDS, CANID, COZEN, DEERE (35A. Mower maker), EDSEL, EULER, GALLAS, GLUON (24A. Quark-binding particle), INDIA (51D. Home of Bollywood), LENDER, LIANE, MENSA, NEILL, PANDA, REWIND, WIENER (20A. Frank).

Short stuff — ACNE and ACRE, AFAR, AIM, ALLA breve, ANOD, ANTS, ARF, CAHN, CALC, CIAO, DIE, DOOR, DSL, EDT, ERRS, Moo goo GAI pan, GEES, GRR, HOI polloi, ICBM, IMAC, INE, LEI and LEO, LESS, LILA, LUG, MERE, MGR, NCR, NEA and NED, OBI, OMEN (18A. Straw in the wind), OMG, ROE, SGTS, SPUR, SRA, TEL.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Parting word; 5. Subject with limits and functions, informally; 9. SALT concern; 15. Nothing more than; 19. Big A.T.M. maker; 21. Thousand-dollar sums, slangily; 27. Hobby farm denizens; 34. Anonymous surname; 36. Annie Oakley had a good one; 44. Proactive treats it; 45. Swiss 5-Across pioneer; 46. Ribbon-cutting event; 52. Back 40 unit; 54. WWW access option; 57. Oscar winner Kedrova; 60. Give ___ to (approve); 61. Really out of it; 62. Some chevron wearers: Abbr.; 64. Messes up. — DOWN: 1. “All the Way” lyricist; 2. Computer serviced at Genius Bars; 3. Way out there; 4. Online “Unbelievable!”; 5. Jackal or coyote; 6. Extra; 7. Former NPR host Hansen; 8. Hoodwink; 12. Top-2% organization; 14. Projectionist’s task of old; 17. Mme. Counterpart; 24. [I’m mad!]; 25. Actor Gorcey; 29. N.Y. summer hrs.; 30. Largest U.S. union; 31. Business card abbr.; 32. Sound from a Yorkshire terrier; 33. Aloha shirt accessory; 37. Having four sharps; 38. Boss of a sales staff: Abbr.; 41. Leftorium proprietor on “The Simpsons”; 42. Shylock, for one; 43. Big ape; 46. Some fund-raisers; 47. Piece of kabuki costumery; 48. Bamboo muncher; 49. Ford who was the son of Henry Ford; 50. Noel who played Lois Lane; 54. Peephole’s place; 55. Urge on; 56. Not including; 59. Last word of Romeo or Juliet.


Anonymous said...

Diamond complements

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Baseball diamond, nine players.