06.30.11 — Initialism, Etc.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Puzzle by David Poole / Edited by Will Shortz

The initialisms of ICBM, QED, DDT, URL and KGB are each presented as a homophonic ACRONYM (50D. Basis of the answer to each starred clue, commonly), e.g., I SEE, BE EM (16A. *“Got it! You want me to play Dorothy’s aunt!”), QUEUE EYDIE (25A. *“Get in line, Ms. Gorme!”), DEDEE TEA (40A. *“Ms. Myers, shall I pour?”), YOU ARE ELLE (56A. *”Supermodel Macpherson, I presume?”) and CAGEY BEE (71A. *”Sly insect!”) in this crafty Thursday crossword.

Other — ALAN BALL (64A. “Six Feet Under“ creator), ALTERED, BLENDER, EASEFUL, LARAINE, LEAD DOG, LILA and LILAC, MARS BARS, NAIVETE, SAUSAGE (45D. Chorizo or merguez), SPAMALOT (7A. 2005 Tony winner for Best Musical), UNSHORN, USER NAME.

Mid-size — ABBEYS, BLUFFS, EDITH (28A. Head of costume design), ELM ST, ENROL, ERSATZ, HAVANA, LANDAU, LILAC, MARNER, MESNE (10D. Intermediate, at law), MIRREN (69A. “The Queen“ Oscar winner), REESE, RENOIR (35A. “The Rules of the Game“ filmmaker, 1939), filmmaker Jean Renoir was the son of impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, ROBYN, SLEETY, SUZY Q, TANDEM.

Short stuff — ABA, ACU, ADAM (51A. To whom God said “You are dust, and to dust you shall return“), ADO, AER Lingus, AVIS, BALD (33A. Unlocked?), DIOR, DLI, DUPE, EAT, EVO, FATS, FDA, GMT, HAS and HAY,I’LL bite“, ISM, LAS, LEE and LEM, LIEN, LILA, NAH, NED, NEUF, OER, PSA, REN, ROOD, SEIS, SIM, SOSA, SPUD, SRO, STIR, SUB, SYS, TMS, ULEE.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. They may be called; 15. Horse-drawn vehicle; 17. Artificial; 18. Chocolaty treats; 19. Slangly turndown; 20. Federal Reserve, e.g.: Abbr.; 22. Beatty of “Superman”; 23. A-line creator; 31. Register; 34. Cub #21 of the 1990s-2000s; 37. Uno y dos y tres; 39. Certain world std.; 43. Is down with; 46. Nine, in Nice; 47. Good smoke; 533. Peeler’s target, informally; 55. Whitman’s dooryard bloomer; 59. Ruckus; 60. 1966 gold album by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass; 63. Bolivian president Morales; 72. Like some winter weather; 73. Surfer’s handle; 74. Oxen may pull plows in this. — DOWN: 1. Bartender’s appliance; 2. Newman of early “S.N.L.”; 3. Still woolly; 4. Its approval is often sought: Abbr.; 5. Domino, e.g.; 6. Snack cake since 1961; 7. Noted Scrooge portrayer; 8. “Don’t do drugs!” ad, e.g., for short; 11. Sisters’ homes; 12. Sled head; 13. Thomas Moore’s “Come ___ the Sea”; 14. They often accompany logos: Abbr.; 21. Backup; 24. Crucifix; 26. Affording rest; 27. 1997 Oscar-nominated title role; 29. Doctrine; 30. Tuck away; 32. Property lawyer’s concern; 36. Kyle ___, “The Terminator” hero; 38. Bin Laden hunter; 41. Con; 42. Alamo rival; 43. Allergy source; 44. Ruckus; 48. Let out, perhaps; 49. Greenness; 52. Eliot’s Silas; 54. Mid sixth-century year; 57. Rocker Hitchcock; 58. Horror movie locale, for short; 62. Reader’s Digest co-founder ___ Wallace; 64. Prefix with puncture; 65. ___ Noticias (New York Hispanic paper); 66 Law grp.; 67. Old NASA vehicle; 68. Actor Bruce; 70.Stimpy’s TV pale.

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