06.04.11 — Saturday Surprise

In an episode of Sesame Street, C-3PO (center)
discovers that his beeping buddy R2-D2 (right)
has fallen in love dome over wheels with a fire hydrant.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Puzzle by Frederick J. Healy / Edited by Will Shortz

I’m always surprised at the trivial nonsense of which I have no knowledge that winds up in crossword puzzles, e.g., ARTOO DETOO (50A. He fell in love with a fire hydrant on “Sesame Street”) — who knew! Nor was I aware that all KARAOKE BAR participants (5A. Lush performance setting) are considered inebriates!   Oh dear!  ADAM AND EVE (16A. First names), I IMAGINE SO (54A. “Seems possible”), MEET HEAD ON (56A. Opposite of duck) and NOSIREE BOB (18A. “Dream on!”) complete this solid Saturday crossword’s sextet of ten-letter phrases.

Arachne by Gustave Doré, 1868, illustration to Dante's Purgatorio

Other — ACCLAIM (34D. Strong approval), ARACHNE (39D. Weaver of myth), AVONLEA (13A. Fictional Prince Edward Island community), BE BRAVE (12D. Support for cold feet?), BOASTED (37D. Forwent modesty), CALORIE-conscious, EASY RIDER (26A. Classic film featuring Captain America), I WAS HAD (2D. Cry after being duped), LOAN SHARK (42A. Risky funding source), LOSES IT (28D. Explodes), NET COST and REBATES (3D. It’s lowered by 14-Down; 14D. Some incentives), OK SHOOT (40D. “I’m ready for your questions”), SAW TO IT (38D. Followed through on something), TRUST ME (36D. Words to a doubter), XEROXED (1D. Duped).

Mid-size — ACTS IN, A MINOR, CARET, GREASY, HOISTS, IOWAS, LEVEE, LORENA, OARED, OSCARS (19A. Walt Disney‘s record collection), POSE AS, RAREBIT (20D. Dish that often includes ale), RASSLE (7D. Scraps in the sticks), SADIE, STITCH, XHOSA (23A. Transkei native) .

Short stuff — ADO, BRIE, DDT, EDE, ETAS, EWER (15A. One with a neck, mouth and lip, but no eyes), GARS, GOGH, IBIS, IOWAS, ISEE, Rub IT IN, KANS, KNEE, LOS, MALT, MESH, OAT, OSO, PAIN, PDAS, PLOD, RATE, RNA, SAO, SNEE, SOAP and WASH (45A. Addition to the 33-Across; 33A. It may be spinning), SOON, STET, TINO, WRAP, Deer XING.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 17. Utility bill datum; 21. Sticker of the past; 22. Kind of synthesis; 24. Get through dull work; 25. Source of some extracts; 28. Bank security feature; 29. Target of a 1972 ban in the U.S.; 30. Info from some captains; 31. Imitate; 32. Ancient Egyptians revered it; 34. Is part of the cast of; 37. Historic French region; 38. One with uma aureola; 41. Indication to put something in; 44. Lead; 46. Foxes’ neighbors, once; 47. ___ Fresnos, Tex.; 48. Pike lookalikes; 49. Riot; 53. Home to some notable cast-iron architecture in N.Y.C.; 55. French singer/actor Rossi; 57. Indication to leave something in. — DOWN: 4. Flattering to a fault; 5. Home of McConnell A.F.B.; 6. Trouble; 8. “Fur Elise” setting; 9. Like a galley; 10. Often-replaced part; 11. City near Arnhem; 24. Droids, e.g.; 25. Go well (with); 31. Nuisance; 32. “The fog has lifted”; 33. Shooting goal; 42. Ochoa who won the 2007 Women’s British Open; 43. Pulls up; 45. Maugham’s prostitute;48. Va ___ (oil producer); 49. In a day say; 51. Kind of hay; 52. ___ pardo (grizzly in Granada.

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