06.05.11 — K for G


Sunday, June 5, 2011

CAGEY ANSWERS, Puzzle by Yaakov Bendavid
Edited by Will Shortz

Swapping out the letter G for the letter K in seven phrases constitutes the interrelated group of this amusing and pleasant Sunday crossword.

  • ONE THINK AT A TIME (24A. How organized philosophers deal with ideas?)
  • KINK OF THE ROAD (30A. Highway S-curve?)
  • LADY SINKS THE BLUES (51A. Countess bankrupts St. Louis N.H.L. team?)
  • THIS MAY STINK A LITTLE (67A. Warning before driving past the town dump?)
  • THE LORD OF THE RINKS (85A. Wayne Gretszky?)
  • BIG BANK THEORY (103A. Being too large to fail?)
  • A WINK AND A PRAYER (116A. Singles bar pickup strategy?)

Other — ASTHMATIC (29A. Bronchodilator user), DISSOLVE (75A. Break up), EDITED OUT (16D. Deleted), ENTHRONE (14D. Make a queen, e.g.), EYEHOLE (96D. Mask feature), HIAWATHA (60A. Legendary Onondaga chief), LINEAR A (98A. Ancient Cretan writing system), NEVER MIND (79D. “Forget I said anything”), PAM DAWBER (110A. Onetime Robin Williams co-star), R AND R and XS AND OS (77A. Down time; 36A. Playbook figures), RAILWAYS (86D. Train systems), SENHORAS (90D. Wives in São Paulo), SPY NOVEL (5D. “Casino Royale,” for one).

Hiawatha by Thomas Eakins, ca 1874

Mid-size — ADAIR; AH YES and OH GEE (105D. “Now I see“; 115D. “Shucks!”); ALERT; ASIAN; ASTRO; ATE UP and EAT ME (19A. Enthusiastically accepted; 59A. Words on an “Animal House“ cake float); BARAK (1D. Israel’s Ehud), BEETS; BIRDS; BOATS; CLANTON (49D. Ike or Billy at the O.K. Corral); DETECT, DUKAKIS; EASER; EDNAS; EVERT; GUSSET (42A. Reinforcing bracket); IT IS I; “If I WERE you…”; Frank LLOYD, two-time Oscar-winning director; MY WAY; MIMEO, MINUTE, MONTH, NATAL, NEED TO, NIECE, OGDEN, ONYXES, REARS, RESIN, RISKY, RODAN (119A. Flying monster of film), SARAH, SENSE, SKORTS, SMITHS, STOATS (6D. Animals with black-tipped tails), WINDLE, TATAR, TOSSES, TOWARD, UNLIT, YENTE.

Short stuff — ABRA, ADE, ADIN and ADIP, A HAT (78A. Answer to the old riddle “What lies flat when empty, sits up when full?”), AIN, ALL and ASL, AMIS, ASOK, ATRA, AUKS, AWED, BNAI, CODE, DAHL, DESE, DID, DRAT, EAN, EAVE, EDOM, EENY, ESSO, FETA, FIN, GENA, GUSH, Den HAAG, Netherland, HEN, HIS, HRH, IDEM, ISE, IVES, KNOT, LEAK, LINN, LONE, MIMI, MRE, NADA, NEMO, NETS and NTS, NOES, By all ODDS, OHIO (114A. So-called Mother of Presidents), OPEN, OWEN and OXEN, PAGO, PDT, REEL, REO, RILE, RTES, SASK, SDI, SELF, SIM (125A. Kind of card), SLRS, SONY, STE, TERI, TMS, UFOS, UNA, URN, XMAN, YAO (121A. Rocket from China), YRS.




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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Chickens, e.g.; 6. Workers with hammers; 12. Punch relative; 15. Captain of fiction; 20. Facing; 21. Coffeehouse fixture; 22. Take ___ (go swimming); 23. Not secure; 27. Like about 20% of the world’s land area; 28. Gillette product; 34. Vex; 35. Composer Charles; 39. Pulled off; 45. Bygone copy; 48. Suffix with Ecuador; 49. Software basis; 50. Spanish article; 55. Some 35mm cameras; 57. Actor Wilson; 63. Alien craft; 66. Cackler; 73. Some Windows systems; 74. Break up; 80. 100%; 82. Marvel Comics hero; 84. Denials; 91. Soph. and jr.; 92. Holder of a runoff?; 93. French river or department; 94. Reliever; 95. Musts; 97. Fr. Holy title; 100. ___ Pictures; 101. Readily recite, with “off”; 120. “Baywatch” actress ___ Lee Nolin; 122. Notice; 123. Bit of Weather Channel news; 126. Chucks; 127. Pick up. — DOWN: 2. Grammatically proper identification; 3. Nail polish ingredient; 4. Loser of 1988; 6 Animals with black-tipped tails; 7. One of a dozen; 9. Subject of Genghis Khan; 10. Princely abbr.; 11. Arms race inits.; 12. Diving seabirds; 15. Present at birth; 17. Maurice Chevalier song; 18. Ecuador and Venezuela are in it; 25. Zilch; 26. Friends of François; 31. Crumbly cheese; 32. Symbols of strength; 33. Dilbert co-worker; 37. Safari equipment; 38. “Matilda” author, 1988; 40. As above, in a footnote; 41. Not those, in Brooklyn; 42. Ooh and aah; 43. Dark; 44. Hebrew matriarch; 45. Classic song that begins “And now the end is near”; 46. Vapour trail?; 47. Jiffy; 52. Qatar’s capital; 53. Prince Albert’s home: Abbr.; 54. Root crop; 56. Con; 61. N.L. Central player; 62. Co. ID’s; 64. Flipper; 65. Biblical breastplate stones; 66. Part of 10-Down, maybe; 68. Mirror image?; 69. Old ballad “Robin ___”; 70. Philatelist George, founder of the largest weekly newspaper for stamp collectors; 72. Turn outward; 76. Onetime Texaco competitor; 77. GPS options: Abbr.; 79. 80. Score right before a win, maybe; 81. Unique; 83. G.I.’s food; 87. Actress Hatcher; 98. Puddle producer, perhaps; 99. Incantation opener; 100. Hybrid clothing for women; 102. Actresses Best and Purviance; 104. Marina sights; 106. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, to J.F.K.; 107. City south of Brigham City; 108. Raises; 109. “Fiddler on the Roof” role; 110. When doubled, a Samoan port; 111. Wowed; 112. Start of some congregation names; 113. Land in Genesis; 117. Summer hours in L.A.; 118. Auto monogram.

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