06.25.11 — Smooth As Silk

Marlene Dietrich in the 1930 film of “Der blaue Engel” by Josef Von Sternberg


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Adroitness, EASE; 5. 22-Across product, LAGER; 10. English Leather alternative, AFTA; 14. Interjections from the obtuse, DUHS; 15. Searches for signs in a hospital, EXAMS; 16. Queen with a degree from Princeton, NOOR; 17. IROC-Z; 18. Its shadow is often cast, DOUBT; 19. Decoration, TRIM; 20. “Gnarly waves, dude!”, COWABUNGA; 22. Pabst brand, PIELS; 23. Foil, TRIP UP; 24. Like some exchange rates, UNPEGGED; 26. Less like nuts?, SANER; 27. Where to get a citation while surfing, WIKIQUOTE; 28. Like two Kennedy brothers, SLAIN; 30. Portions, QUANTA; 31. Hang-up, RUB; 34. Watt-hour fraction, ERG; 35. Small team, DUO; 36. You might get a charge out of it, EEL; 37. Secure the aid of, ENLIST; 39. They’re lined up on a neck, FRETS; 41. Kind of test associated with the null hypothesis, CHI-SQUARE; 43. Practice with the Wheel of the Year, WICCA; 47. 27-Across, e.g., RESOURCE; 48. Wet behind the ears, CALLOW; 49. Directive obeyed by Alice, EAT ME; 50. City where “Smokey and the Bandit” begins, TEXARKANA; 52. Fit to finish?, A TEE; 53. Like many dreamers, IN BED; 54. Pap’s son, in literature, HUCK; 55. La., e.g., once, TERR; 56. Like la nuit, NOIRE; 57. Scored together?, ADUE; 58. Brand that has Dibs, EDYS; 59. Telecom giant headquartered in Denver, QWEST; 60. Fork-tailed flier, TERN.

Down — 1. Subjects are expected to follow them, EDICTS; 2. Polar region phenomenon, AURORA; 3. Great and seat, SHOW IN; 4. Things some cons are pros at, ESCAPES; 5. Preceded, with “to”, LED UP; 6. Impulse carrier, AXON; 7. Van Gogh threatened him with a razor blade, GAUGUIN; 8. Keep from spilling over, in a way, EMBANK; 9. U leaders?, RST; 10. St. John’s is its capital, ANTIGUA; 11. Like some conclusions, FOREGONE; 12. Grooming routine, TOILETTE; 13. Missiles may be delivered in one, ARMS DEAL; 21. Tom Stopper’s “Travesties,” e.g., BURLESQUE; 22. Chief Sassacus led one side in it, PEQUOT WAR; 25. Nettle, PIQUE; 27. Easily changeable locks, WIG; 29. Pianist Schnabel, ARTUR; 31. Play, RECREATE; 32. Like many swimming pools, UNHEATED; 33. Severely sunburned, say, BLISTERY; 35. Producer for 50 Cent, familiarly, DRE; 38. Atomically related compounds, ISOMERS; 39. Prize in Cracker Jacks, e.g., FREEBIE; 40. Part of morning dress, SILK HAT; 42. Ad imperative, ACT NOW; 44. Rains in a studio, CLAUDE; 45. Go along (with), CONCUR; 46. Arouse, AWAKEN; 48. Massachusetts Maritime Academy student, e.g., CADET; 51. MTV generation, XERS; 53. It may be judicial: Abbr., INQ.


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