10.13.11 — B-Movies


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Puzzle by John Farmer / Edited by Will Shortz

B-MOVIES (45D. Appropriate title for this puzzle?) take over well-known film titles in this treacherous Thursday crossword — Do the Right Thing becomes DO THE BRIGHT THING (18A. Film about how to win a MacArthur Fellowship?); East of Eden, BEAST OF EDEN (25A. Film about a biblical serpent?); Out of Africa, BOUT OF AFRICA (38A. Film about Ali/Foreman‘s Rumble in the Jungle?); Howards End, HOWARD’S BEND (55A. Film in which Moe, Shemp and Curly show their flexibility?) and Singin’ in the Rain, SINGIN’ IN THE BRAIN (62A. Film about earworms?).

Other —AIRPLANE (42D. Stew container?), APOSTLE (2D. Figure in a Leonardo mural), CATACOMB (3D. Passage of grave importance?), RADIO AD (1D. Spot that’s never seen), SATINET (46D. Imitation fabric).


Five — ADANO, ALOFT, APACE, ATEST, DERMA, IONIA, MOTIF, OLAF I (51A. Viking king, 995-1000), OPERA, RACED, RANEE (69A. Jaipur royal), ROIDS, SLURP, STOOD.

Short stuff — BRA, CITY, CLE, DADS, DEE and DIE, DLVI, DRAT, ECHO, ENG, FLAB, FOO, GDP, HOED, HUH, IBM, ICE, ISAO, KIDD, LEA, LEEK, Like NEW, NRA, OILS, OTC and OTT, POT, REY (70A. Madrid royal), SCI, SULA,TAG, TNUT, TOIL, TREF, YANG, not yin but Jerry.

… and not for the faint of heart (warning), go HERE!


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Darted; 6. Grasp; 12. Natl. economic stat; 15. Full tilt; 16. Proceeding without thinking; 17. Place for clover; 21. Aoki of the P.G.A.; 22. One of the 30 Dow Jones industrials; 23. Ancient Anatolian land; 24. Like some drugs, briefly; 29. Winging it?; 32 Conspicuously consume; 33. Barq’s rival; 34. Trouble makers; 36. Soup vegetable; 43. Slave; 44. Goes off script; 47. Word in the names of four state capitals; 54. Skin: Suffix; 58. Lobster trap; 59. Title town in a 1945 Pulitzer winner; 60. “The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!” subj.; 67. Official lang. of Ghana and Grenada; 68. Judicial decision; 71. Vows; 72. Mushroom maker, briefly. — 4. Sound effect; 5. Heavy-metal singer Snider; 6. 400 list-maker; 8. Graffiti signature; 9. “Say what?”; 10. First N. L.’er to hit 500 home runs; 11. Unifying theme; 13. Didn’t approve; 14. Heathens; 19. One that might catch a double dribble?; 20. Did some garden work; 26. Toni Morrison novel; 27. Not kosher; 28. “Anna Bolena” or “Anna Nicole”; 30. Rock’s ___ Fighters; 31. Flanged fastener; 36. Waited in line, say; 37. Jason of the N.B.A.; 39. Art collector’s collection; 40. Undesirable roll; 41. Progressive Field team, on scoreboards; 47. Second drink at a bar; 48. Element in disinfectants; 49. Like some country music; 50. Jerry who co-founded Yahoo!; 52. Become an increasing source of irritation; 53. “; 56. Sports no-nos, informally; 57. Quit running; 61. “Darn it!”; 64. It’s very cool; 65. Heat org.?; 66. One piece of a two-piece.


gianchess@aol.com said...

What is meant by "stew container"

DONALD said...

A somewhat dubious abbreviation for steward or stewardess in an airplane.