10.29.11 — Tangible Points

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across: 1. Coffee shop, often, WIFI HOT SPOT; 12. “Sid the Science Kid” network, PBS; 15. Stops being infantile, ACTS ONE’S AGE; 16. Pianist Stein, IRA; 17. Producer of shooting stars, ROMAN CANDLE; 18. Ado Annie, e.g., GAL; 19. Pentagon-to-Lincoln Memorial dir., NNE; 20. Aid in relieving xerostomia, GUM; 21. Breaks up, ENDS IT; 23. Bullish declaration, I CAN; 25. What has some people miss the mark?, EURO; 28. Pungent dressing, AIOLI; 29. Barely visible art collection?, NUDES; 31. Polynesian port, when doubled, PAGO; 33. Game player’s concern, RULE; 34. Stopped being infantile, GREW UP; 36. Part of Buchanan High faculty, MR KOTTER; 38. Certain preserved strips, BEEF JERKY; 40. Shape preserver, of a sort, SHOE TREE; 43. Not so stuffy, AIRIER; 47. Banks with many spreads, TYRA; 48. Pack of lifesavers?, EMTS; 50. With 1-Down, good thing to have for a tornado, EARLY; 51. Does some piece work, EDITS; 53. “Mottke the Thief” novelist, 1935, ASCH; 55. Music critic’s concern, TONE; 56. Scored very quickly?, PRESTO; 58. It holds the line, ROD; 60. British big shot, NOB; 61. Love, HON; 62. Its title character is Manrico, IL TROVATORE; 66. Contact info spec., EXT; 67. March locale, PARADE ROUTE; 68. Clinton was its first gov., NYS; 69. Attachable bulletin, E-NEWSLETTER.

Down: 1. See 50-Across, WARNING; 2. “Ditto”, I CONCUR; 3. Base in Anne Arundel County: Abbr., FT MEADE; 4. Metaphor middle, IS A; 5. “Wayne’s World 2” actor James HONG; 6. How orchestra members enter, ON CUE; 7. Band, TEAM UP; 8. Subj. of the Privacy Act of 197, SSN; 9. Holder of notes, PAD; 10. Look like a sleaze, OGLE; 11. Mrs. Mulder on “The X-Files”, TEENA; 12. Gorges, PIGS OUT; 13. It has many tangible points, BRAILLE; 14. Having more four-letter words, SALTIER; 22. Fink, DIRTY RAT; 24. Pop trio with the 1964 hit “Bread and Butter,” with “the”, NEWBEATS; 26. Aircraft propellers without moving parts, RAM JETS; 27. Damsel distresser, OGRE; 30. Cake makeup for a feeder, SUET; 32. Southern side, OKRA; 35. Old man of Orléans, PERE; 37. Ado Annie, e.g., OKIE; 39. Damage-assessing grp., FEMA; 40. King with revolting subjects, STEPHEN; 41. Like citric acid and lactic acid, HYDROXY; 42. Points, ORIENTS; 44. Resolve, IRON OUT; 45. Land above the Rio Bravo, EL NORTE; 46. Cousin of kvass, RYE BEER; 49. Splits for cooking, as fish, SCRODS; 52. Mushroom supporter, STIPE; 54. Shack, HOVEL; 57. Wang Lung’s wife, in literature, OLAN; 59. Playground provocation, DARE; 63. Italian TV channel, TRE; 64. Some kind of nerve?, RAW; 65. Rattle holder, TOT.


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