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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Puzzle by Alan Arbesfeld / Edited by Will Shortz

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE LAWSUITS BETWEEN HANES AND BVD? BRIEFS WERE FILED (17A. Start of a silly underwear joke, along with 23A, 38A, 50A and 61A.) is the feature of this Thursday crossword.

Other — BABYSIT (10D. What some teens do to earn money), DREGS and RESIDUE (54A and 27A. Leftovers), EARPIECE (9D. Standard-issue item for a Secret Service agent), EVANESCE (39D. Gradually disappear), HEH-HEHS (43D. Sinister laughs), M AND M and MARS (31A. Popular bit of candy; 31D. Maker of 31-Across) SEVEN AM (47A. When many alarms go off).

"Hester Prynne & Pearl before the stocks", an illustration by Mary Hallock Foote from an 1878 edition of The Scarlet Letter

Mid-size — A-LIST, AORTA, AREAS, A TIME to Kill”, CAN’T BE, ERODE, ERSATZ, IN DEBT, INNATE, MASHIE, NEUMAN (5D. Mad face?), NO HOW, PEORIA, PRYNNE (22A. “The Scarlet Letter“ heroine), RABBI, STENS, URIEL (25D. One of the archangels), VALET, WIDTH, YIELD.

Short stuff — AGO and AGUE, ALI, AMAH, ANON, ANTI and ASTI, ARMY, ARTS, ATIC, BARE, BASK, DEMO, EDGE, EGG, ETTE, FEZ, IPO, IRA, KITE, LAMB, LAN, MBAS, MET, MOA, NAIF, NERD, NO TV, RUTH (42A. Gordon of “Harold and Maude“), SIAM, STUN, SYMS (67A. Sylvia who played the Queen Mother in “The Queen”), TEST, TIA, TOD Browning who directed “Dracula,“ 1931, TSE, TWA, USED, VIAL, WAR, YADA, YAW.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Go off course; 4. Natural; 10. Enjoy a pleasant situation; 14. Foreman fighter; 15. Symbol of Middle America; 16. Fighting; 20. Wine region of Italy; 21. Extinct kin of the kiwi; 26. PC linkup; 34. Suffix with symptom; 36. Final, say; 37. Previously; 41. Satisfied; 44. Small bottle; 45. Wear; 49. Good name for an investor?; 55. Five iron; 59. Exposed; 64. Eastern nanny; 65. “No way!”; 66. Something not good to have on one’s face; 68. Fake; 69. Literary inits. — DOWN: 1. When tripled, et cetera; 2. Elite; 3. B, C or D, at a shoe store; 4. Wall St. debut; 6. At all; 7. Geometric figures; 8. Aunt, in Acapulco; 11. Soon; 12. Render open-mouthed; 13. Flier with a ground connection?; 18. Farm measure; 19. The second “A” of A.M.P.A.S.; 24. Symbol of gentleness; 28. Sampler; 29. Took advantage of; 30. Major closing?; 32. Fit of shaking chills; 33. Child’s punishment, maybe; 34. Grisham’s “___ to Kill”; 35. Pan Am rival; 40. Lover of brain games; 46. Service leader; 48. One who’s easily duped; 49. Behind on payments; 51. British guns; 52. Major artery; 53. Country club employee; 55. Corp. recruits; 56. Host; 57. Kingdom in “The King and I”; 60. Best, but barely; 62. Card game for two; 63. Moroccan topper.

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