10.05.11 — Seeing Double II

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Puzzle by Barry Boone / Edited by Will Shortz

DOUBLE A (39A. Pro baseball level … or a hint to 12 answers in this puzzle), along with six squares containing "AA", constitutes the interrelated group of this fine Wednesday crossword.

  • C[AA]N (17A. “The Godfather” actor) with SE[AA]IR (2D. It’s said to be salubrious)
  • AN[AA]LICIA (22A. “Falcon Crest” actress) with SAL[AA]M (9D. Low bow)
  • S[AA]B (38A. Car with the numeral 9 in all its model names) with B[AA]ED (34D. Bleated)
  • S[AA]R (41A. River across the French/German border) with IZ[AA]K (31D. Walton who wrote “The Compleat Angler”)
  • AFRIK[AA]NS (55A. Language of Cape Town) with M[AA]LOX (50D. It has its moments)
  • N[AA]N (63A. It may be eaten with tikka masala) with TE[AA]CT (53D. Boston Harbor event precipitator

Other — AROUSAL (24A. Awakening), DENIZEN (43D. Inhabitant), ENTITLE (10D. Give a right to), ITERATION (5D. Repeated step), NEONATE (51A. Newborn) and SEGREGATE (37D. Set apart).

Six-letter — ALANIS, ATTILA, GUNNER, HEIDEN, HOARSE, HONING, LIANAS, ON LATE, REPEAL, RIDDER, SET UPS, SNEEZY, SOUSES (48D. Drunkards), VARESE (4D. City or lake in northern Italy), VISTAS, X-GAMES (68A. Annual event in Los Angeles).


Short stuff — Jai ALAI and ALAN, AQUA, ASH, CEO, DESI, DUST, ELAN, ETE, EYRE, FURL, IBID, ICI, ILI, “How I MET Your Mother“, L’ARC de Triomphe , LEAN, LEG, LULU, NALA and NAPA, NAM, NEMO, OBIT, OSHA, PENN, QUIZ, RIGA, SALA, STP,TIE A yellow ribbon …”, TRAP, URGE.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Volcano output; 4. Prospects; 10. Dash; 14. Person with a corner ofc., maybe; 15. The Scourge of God; 16. Queen in “The Lion King”; 8. The 21st Amendment, e.g.; 19. Sting; 20. Knight ___ (former newspaper group); 27. Some cons; 29. It might be golden; 36. Dockworkers’ grp.; 37. Allergy-afflicted dwarf; 42. Speed skater Eric who won five gold medals at the 1980 Winter Olympics; 44. Location of the quadriceps; 45. Enterprise captain prior to Kirk; 46. Dangerous snake; 47. Raspy; 49. Captain of sci-fi; 59. Antitank artillery operator, e.g.; 60. Grill; 61. Jungle vines; 65. Like Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon; 66. Here, in Québec; 67. ___ Turing, a founding father of computer science; 69. Summer, in Québec. — DOWN: 1. Capital of Ghana; 3. 1953 John Wayne film; 6. The Racer’s Edge; 8. Singer Morissette; 13. Carquest competitor; 21. Make dirty … or clean; 23. ___ Lewis with the 2008 #1 hit “Bleeding Love”; 25. Doozy; 30. He loved Lucy; 32. Jane of literature; 33. Producer of workplace regs.; 35. Footnote abbr.; 37. Set apart; 39. Shortstop Jeter; 40. Put pressure (on); 43. Inhabitant; 45. New York’s ___ Station; 47. Fine-tuning; 52. “___ Get Your Gun”; 54. ___ Macmillan, classmate of Harry Potter; 55. Blue-green; 56. Roll up , as a flag; 57. Gulf of ___ , arm of the Baltic; 58. Room in una asa; 62. “Born on the Fourth of July” setting, familiarly.

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