10.07.11 — Steve Jobs

Friday, October 7, 2011

Puzzle by Kevin G. Der / Edited by Will Shortz

STEVE JOBS (57A. This puzzle’s subject), IPOD (1A. Brainchild of 57-Across), PIXAR (16A. Film studio spearheaded by 57-Across), MACINTOSH (17A. Brainchild of 57-Across), THINK DIFFERENT (26A. Slogan associated with 57-Across), CREATIVE GENIUS (42A. Frequent description of 57-Across), APPLE (60A. Company co-founded by 57-Across), BIG IDEA (24D. One of many from 57-Across) and NEXT (64A. Company founded by 57-Across) constitute the interrelated group of this Friday tribute crossword.


Five-letter — AOLER (47A. Many an early computer user), ELIHU, HALVE, NINES, OOHED, POSED, PUFFS, REMAP, SHIVA, SNITS, ST PAT, TOADY, TO WAR, USE ME, VOCAB.

Short stuff — ADIA, ASHE, ATTN (63A. E-mail heading: Abbr.), AWLS, DRI, Post-PC ERA, ERTE, EXPO, FIT, GIFS (33A. Bitmap images), IBEX, INME, IRS, JON, LAV and LIV, MAAM, NEXT, NEV and NOV, NINA, NOIR, ORCA, PAAR, PSST, REPO, SHOD, TAD, TALC, Tater TOT, TRAP, TV AD, UDE, UMPS, USNA, VIDS (23D. YouTube content, for short), WES, ZIP drive, ZONE.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 5. 1998 Sarah McLachlan hit; 9. 1972 Bill Withers hit; 18. Parade V.I.P.; 20. Thimbleful; 21. Finest example; 23. Focus of some prep work; 25. Ulan-___ (Siberian capital); 32. Flatterer; 34. Tyler of “The Lord of the Rings”; 35. Hole punchers; 36. Huffs; 38. Singer Simone; 39. Head; 40. Like some Arabians; 4. Reacted to an unveiling, say; 46. Wheeler Peak locale: Abbr.; 48. “Doonesbury” cartoonist; 52. Anderson who directed “Rushmore”; 56. Cover again, as terrain?; 62. Prepared to be shot. — DOWN: 1. “Have a Little Faith ___” (1930 hit); 2. Onetime host of “The Tonight Show”; 3. One seeking to catch some rays?; 4. Soft & ___; 5. “Sic ‘em!”; 6. Thingamajig; 7. Return letters; 8. ___ Stadium sports venue since 1997; 9. They’re positive; 10. Junior watcher; 11. Site of some unveilings; 12. Term of address for a lady; 13. “Symphony in Black” artist; 15. “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears” speaker; 22. Patisserie offerings; 26. Prelude ___” (1942 Frank Capra film); 27. Split, in a way; 28. Tailor’s concern; 29. Root of diplomacy; 30. Good diving scores; 31. Show stopper?; 32. Baby powder ingredient; 36. Hindu god often depicted meditating; 37. All Saints’ Day mo.; 38. Mitchum’s genre; 40. Got into hot water?; 41. “Hold on”; 43. Speedy Gonzales shout; 44. Film in which the Marx Brothers join the gold rush; 45. Gridiron group; 48. Golfer’s concern; 49. Unwanted collection; 50. Ones who might cry foul?; 51. “From knowledge, sea power” org.; 53. Tract; 54. Mountain climber; 55. Cheater’s whisper; Pianist Nakamatsu.

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Anonymous said...

that was about the easiest Friday crossword ever. I know the times had to honor Jobs (and probably had this puzzle in the hopper for months) -- but that was not up to Jobs standards