10.14.11 — The Friday Crossword

Friday, October 14, 2011

Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Bologna is in it, ITALIA; 7. Look out for, say, ABET; 11. Pilot’s point?, NIB; 14. Player of Duke Santos in “Ocean’s Eleven,” 1960, CESAR ROMERO; 16. What may come between two friends?, OF A; 17. Co-writer and star of “Bridesmaids”, KRISTEN WIIG; 18. Part of the former U.A.R.: Abbr., SYR; 19. Blocks of history, ERAS; 20. One concerned with blocking, STAGE ACTOR; 22. More reasonable, SANER; 24. Caucus call, AYE; 25. Sports org., AAU; 26. Coal-rich valley, SAAR; 28. “Are you up for it?”, SHALL WE; 32. One helping with filing, for short, CPA; 35. Momentary disruption, BLIP; 37. “Gotcha”, I DIG IT; 38. Where to see the writing on the wall?, FACEBOOK PROFILE; 41. A.J. who wrote “The Citadel”, CRONIN; 42. Will of “Jeremiah Johnson”, GEER; 43. Lou Gehrig’s disease, for short, ALS; 44. Abnormally small, STUNTED; 46. Little middle?, TEES; 48. Terre Haute sch., ISU; 49. Cousin of the cassowary, EMU; 51. Messing around on TV?, DEBRA; 55. Melodious birdsong, maybe, MATING CALL; 59. Composer Khachaturian, ARAM; 60. Peabody Museum patron, perhaps, ELI; 61. Wind instrument?, AEOLIAN HARP; 63. Abbr. after several examples, ETC.; 64. Playwright who became a president, VACLAV HAVEL; 65. Big hits, for short, KOS; 66. Artist whose moniker is the pronunciation of his initials, ERTE; 67. Vice president from Tennessee, AL GORE.

Down — 1. Official in the Clinton White House, ICKES; 2. TERRE nullius (no man’s land); 3. Like about 25% of legal U.S. immigrants, ASIAN; 4. Gals across the pond, LASSES; 5. N.Y.C. subway inits., IRT; 6. Father of Harmonia, in myth, ARES; 7. Distributor of Nutrilite vitamins, AMWAY; 8. Sandy shades, BEIGES; 9. City on Presque Isle Bay, ERIE; 10. TOGA party; 11. It “isn’t what it used to be,” said Simone Signoret, NOSTALGIA; 12. So to speak, IF YOU WILL; 13. William BARR, 1990s attorney general; 15. One side of the Detroit River, ONTARIO; 21. Part of U.S.C.: Abbr., CALIF; 23. Hopper, RABBIT; 27. Exclusively, ALONE; 29. New worker, HIREE; 30. Dear, ADORED; 31. “Vous ETES ici”; 32. Ozone destroyers, for short, CFCS; 33. Liking PARTIAL TO; 34. Sound system?, ACOUSTICS; 36. Env. Alternative, PKG; 39. Lassitude, ENNUI; 40. 1968 Julie Christie movie set in San Francisco, PETULIA; 45. Extract the essence of by boiling, DECOCT; 47. Cartoon villain who sails the Black Barnacle, SEA HAG; 50. Filmmaker Louis, MALLE; 52. Applause accompanier, BRAVO; 53. More bloody, so to speak, RARER; 54. Big, AMPLE; 55. Easily imposed upon, MEEK; 56. Mass gathering place, NAVE; 57. Tour de France setting?, GEAR; 58. Source of venanzite, LAVA; 62. The Stars may play the Blues in it, briefly, NHL.


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Anonymous said...

Does 16 Across make any sense to you?

DONALD said...

Friend OF A friend...