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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Edited by Will Shortz

Replacing the letter R with the letter L in seven movie titles (Anger Management, Scary Movie, The Right Stuff, Pirates of the Caribbean, Fantastic Four, Taxi Driver and Wedding Crashers) constitutes the interrelated group of this entertaining Sunday crossword:
  • ANGEL MANAGEMENT (23. One of St. Peter’s heavenly duties?)
  • SCALY MOVIE (42”Snakes on a Plane,” e.g.?)
  • THE LIGHT STUFF (52. What a lazy mover prefers to carry?)
  • PILATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (67. Workout class on a pleasure cruise?)
  • FANTASTIC FOUL (88. Unbelievable court infraction?)
  • TAXI DRIVEL (96. Cabby’s nonstop patter?)
  • WEDDING CLASHERS (119. Guests at a Hatfield/McCoy marriage ceremony?)

Other — ABDICATE (66D Step down, in a way), ENDICOTT (32D. College in Beverly, Mass.), EVENTUAL (4D. Occurring someday), FLETCHER (90D. Arrow maker), HYSTERIA (125A. Classic Freudian diagnosis), IL TROVATORE (17D. Opera whose second act is called “The Gypsy”), LENNOX LEWIS (69D. World heavyweight champion who was once an Olympic boxing gold medalist), PEN NAMES (15D. Mark Twain and George Sand, e.g.), PUNCH LINE (49D. Thing that may break people up), SAME HERE (1A. “Right back at cha!“), SNEERS AT (128A. Looks down on), TRAVELED (20A. Took one step too many, maybe), TV DINNER (86D. Easy eats).

Mid-size — ADMITS, AGATES and AGENTS, ALIOTO, ARETOO, ARIOSI, ARMREST, EASTON, ERODES, FIENNES (108A. “Shakespeare in Love“ star), HAIRDO (65A. Bob, for one), HINGIS, HARMING, IGUANA, IMELDA, IONIZES, JACLYN, LIED TO, MASTER, MEDUSA (21A. She was beheaded by Perseus), MASONS, OPAQUE, QUEBEC, PAY CUT, PIE DISH (78A. Makeshift Frisbee), REAPED, SALADA, SALOME, SENORAS, TIN-LIKE (60A. Cheap and flimsy, as material).


Short stuff — ABET, ACHS, ALEX, AMA, ARIA, ARNO, CAN and CAW, CGI, CHAP, “COSI Fan Tutte“, DOTY, EATS, EDNA, EMAJ, ENDS, ERA, EYRE, FEST, FIEF, FISC, FLOE, GATO, GLEE, “How’s it GOIN‘?”, HAHA, HEL (5D. Daughter of Loki), HERS, HWYS, IDEA, JIBS, JOLT, KIA, “You put the LIME in the coconut …”, LITA, LOIS, MAGI, MOOR, MSG, MTS, NACL, NEAP, NOS, OER, OMG, ONT, OVI, PEERS, PIPE (50D. Subject of a Magritte painting), POLI sci, PSAT, RAP, RECT, RIB, SAX, SEIS and SETS, SSTS, STAG, STE, SUMS, SWAM, TADA, TES, TÊTE, TWO, UNO, USN, VIAL, VOLE, Egg foo YUNG.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 2. Unclear; 15. Sandcastle engineering equipment; 22. “Dallas” Miss; 25. “The Untouchables” villain; 27. Ship part; 28. Roast slightly; 29. Mujeres con esposos; 31. Place for un béret; 33. Conquer; 36. Kitty, in Segovia; 37. Singer Cassidy; 40. One side of a quad, maybe; 46. Brand of tea; 48. Term on a tide table; 51. Doc workers’ org.?; 56. Projections on some globes: Abbr.; 57. Your, in Tours; 58. Blues instrument; 59. Harsh cry; 62. Big bump; 63. Poet Mark; 74. William Morris workers; 75. Cousin of an ampule; 76. Things rings lack; 81. Film special effects, briefly; 82. Rangers’ venue, for short; 86. Ax; 86. Number of X’s in this puzzle’s answer; 91. Game with 108 cards; 92. Mouselike animal; 94. Fictional Jane; 95. Biblical dancer; 100. Key with four sharps: Abbr.; 102. Curt; 103. “Family Guy” wife; 104. Melodic passages; 105. Provide a gun for, maybe; 111. Anthem contraction; 112. Crystal on the dinner table?; 114. Bloke; 123. Appropriate; 124. Playground retort; 126. Stinger; 127. Stonewallers? — DOWN: 1. Single partygoer; 2. Classical Italian typeface; 3. Christmas party; 6. Horror film locale: Abbr.; 7. Garnered; 8. “The Simpsons” teacher Krabappel; 9. Letters of surprise, in text messages; 10. Classmates, e.g.; 11. Lets in; 12. City that was the site of three battles in the Seven Years’ War; 13. Org. with a sub division; 14. Has a beef?; 16. 1960s-’70s San Francisco mayor; 18. Singer Ford; 19. Cinco follower; 24. Limb perch; 30. “Raiders of the Lost Ark” locale; 34. Fine fiddle; 35. Rat-a-tat; 37. Orly birds, once; 38. “You’re so funny,” sarcastically; 39. “Family Ties” son; 41. It’s west of 12-Down: Abbr.; 44. Marcos of the Philippines; 45. “Morning Train” singer, 1981; 47. Ancient May birthstones; 52. Rtes.; 54. Polar hazard; 55. Money-related: Abbr.; 61. Automaker since 1974; 62. Triangular sails; 63. “Shoot!”; 65. 1997 winner of Wimbledon and the U.S. Open; 86. Step down, in a way; 67. Union concession; 68. Creature whose tail makes up half its body’s length; 70. Egg: Prefix; 71. Feudal estate; 72. “Et voilà!”; 73. Geom. figure; 79. Peeper problems; 80. Doing injury to; 82. Othello, for one; 83. Basic arithmetic; 84. Lottery winner’s feeling; 86. Easy eats; 87. Poorer; 89. Word with level or devil; 93. Mendes of “Hitch”; 97. Charge, in a way; 98. Chips away at; 99. Given false facts; 101. Co-star of Kate and Farrah, in 1970s TV; 105. Belted one; 107. Ho-hum; 108. Celebration; 109. Theory; 110. Did laps; 113. Cries in Cologne; 115. One of a pair of towel markings; 116. 17-Down piece; 117. Challenge for jr; 120. Ballpark fig.; 121. Turndowns; 122. Jeanne d’Arc, for one: Abbr.

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