10.26.11 — Change


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Puzzle by Milo Beckman / Edited by Will Shortz

INCORRECT CHANGE (38A. Cashier’s error, as suggested by 17-, 22-, 47- and 58-Across?), STOPPED ON A PENNY (17A. Exhibited perfect braking), CAPTAIN’S DIMES (22A. Nicest room on a ship, probably), PUMPERQUARTER (47A. Certain loaf) and PINCHING NICKELS (58A. Being frugal) constitute the interrelated group of this wily Wednesday crossword.

Other — ACCLAIMED (63A. Strongly praised), DRESS RACK (15A. Boutique fixture), GANG SIGNS (11D. Handy IDs in the hood?), HAHA and HOOHA (40D. “Yeah, right”; 32A. Foofaraw), OCCUPANCY (34D. Number of people in a room).

Five-letter — ADD IN, AGAPE, A LOOP, AMANA, ARE WE there yet?”, ASSOC, AT SEA, AW GEE, DARTS, DROSS, EATER (37D. Faster’s opposite), ELLIE, GOTTA, OMAHA, ONSET and RESET, Q AND A, ROGET, SOLOS, SPAMS, TAHOE (23D. 1,000-foot-deep lake that straddles a state line), TIERS UNCLE, VERSE.

Short stuff — ACNE, ADZE, AFAR and APAR, AFT, AGAS, AMS, CAGE, CEO, ECO, EGAD, ESA and ESP, EROS, EXIT, Over the HILL, ICI, IDEA, “There is no I IN team“, ILE, IMAC, KEN, LSU, LUCE, MICA, NITA (66A. Actress Naldi of the silents), NMI, OAF and OAS, ONUS, OTO, POP, RAYE, REAP, “SHE loves me …”, SKYE, SUFI (46D. Muslim mystic), VERA, XIS.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Hanging open; 6. Cousin of an ax; 10. Near Eastern V.I.P.’s; 14. Doesn’t have a second to lose?; 19. Native Nebraskan; 20. Followers of nus; 21. “For me? You shouldn’t have …”; 27. Toward the back; 287. E.T.A.’s for red-eyes; 29. Here, to Henri; 35. Aloe additive?; 37. “Heavens to Betsy!”; 41. Henry who made a Fortune?; 42. Baby taking a bow?; 43. Befuddled; 44. Baton Rouge sch.; 45. Peace grp. Since 1948; 54. Frigidaire competitor; 56. Bumbler; 57. Reunion, e.g.; 63. Strongly praised; 64. Goose bumps-0producing, maybe; 65. Funnywoman Martha; 67. Kickoff. — DOWN: 1. N.A.A.C.P. part: Abbr.; 2. Must, slangily; 3. Something to be thrown for; 4. Top 40 fare; 5. Medium capacity?; 6. Contribute to the mix; 7. Impurity; 8. Eastern state?; 9. That, in Tijuana; 12. Unwanted spots; 13. Kind of terrier; 16. Slows down traffic, say?; 18. Sign by stairs, often; 24. Many miles away; 25. Game with a maximum score of 180; 26. Apple offering; 30. Zoo keeper?; 31. Noodle product?; 33. Burden; 34. Number of people in a room; 35. Numbered thing in the Bible; 36. Friendly introduction?; 39. Bring in; 45. Gerald Ford’s birthplace; 48. Theodore Roosevelt, to Eleanor; 49. Man of many words?; 50. Press conference component, briefly; 51. Arena sections; 52. Carl’s wife in “Up”; 53. Bowling alley button; 54. On ___ with (equal to); 55. Sheet mineral; 60. Name placeholder in govt. records; 61. Many a Fortune profilee, for short; 62. “Jeopardy!” whiz Jennings.

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