01.05.12 — All for One, One for All



Thursday, January 5, 2012

Puzzle by Dan Schmiedeler / Edited by Will Shortz

ALL FOR ONE / ONE FOR ALL (34A. With 21-Down, catchphrase that provides a hint to eight answers in this puzzle), along with the switching of ONE and ALL in eight entries constitutes the interrelated group of this vague, turnabout Thursday crossword.
  • GOODALL / GOOD ONE (14A. “That was funny!”; 59A. Jane who wrote “In the Shadow of Man”)
  • ENTHRONES / ENTHRALLS (24A. Captivates; 47A. Crowns)
  • IN STONE / INSTALL (3D. Set up, as software; 41D. Fixed)
  • T-BONE / T-BALL (4D. Schoolyard game; 49D. Certain steak)
 Other — AUNT BEE, CASINGS, DUELLED (2D. Fought à la the Three Musketeers), EURASIA, GALILEE, LESSER OF two evils, MALACHI, OAT SEED, OUTGROW, REASSIGN (36D. Move to a new position), TWEEZES, UNRATED.

Mid-size — AGENTS, ALTON, AMEND, ANGLO (29A. White), ATTIC, BITES, CLOSE, DEBUG, DOUAI (44A. French city near the Belgian border), LASSO, LIVELY, MISSY, NO NO NO (37D. “You‘re doing it completely wrong!”), NORAD, ONSET, SARAH, SLIDES, TOUGH, TV SET, WOODS (61A. It‘s nice to be out of them).

Short stuff — ADO, BOG (51A. Quagmire), EEN, HEN, IDA, IVS, LAIR, LSD, MDI, MILS, MOAB (33D. Kingdom in ancient Jordan), NAH, NHL, NWA, OOF, RAIN, REA, SAAB, SONG, TEL, TIOS, TITO, TOLD, TOO and TOR, TRES, VIDI.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Year in a voyage by Amerigo Vespucci; 4. Business card abbr.; 7. Top of a ladder, maybe; 12. Resident of Mayberry; 17. Results of some cuts; 18. Turkey’s home; 19. ___ B. Parker, Theodore Roosevelt’s 1904 opponent for president; 20. What you might break into; 22. Medical drips; 23. Ending; 27. Biddy; 28. Figure of a Spanish count?; 30. “The ___ of March are come”; 32. Gut reaction?; 33. Grammy winner Elliott; 37. Org. featured in 1983’s “WarGames”; 39. Actor Stephen; 40. Marshal ___, cold war leader; 45. Swedish manufacturer of the 90, 900 and 9000; 46. Early gangsta rap group featuring Dr. Dre; 49. Zenith product; 52. Minuscule lengths; 53. Quick snacks; 54. Like some movie versions; 57. Stupefied; 60. Much of northern Israel; 62. Blues org.; 63. Acid. — 1. Book after Zechariah; 5. Time o’ day; 7. 00s, e.g.; 8. “Deal with it!”; 9. Rocky peak; 10. Suffragist ___ B. Wells; 11. Shells of shells; 13. Spanish uncles; 15. Spirited; 16. It may be thrown in a ring; 25. Picnic spoiler; 26. Opening; 28. Ratted; 31. Singer/songwriter McLachlan; 38. Get too big for; 42. Plucks, in a way; 43. Cereal grain; 45. Some jungle gym exits; 48. Alter; 50. Part of a Caesarean trio; 55 Trouble; 56. As well; 58. “Prob’ly not”.


Anonymous said...

Will some please advise the author of this puzzle that the correct spelling is AUNT BEA not AUNT BEE

Anonymous said...

Note that 14A should be interchanged with 59A, 24A with 47A, 3D with 41D, and 4D with 49D.