01.17.12 — Van Gogh, Etc.

Self-portrait with Bandaged Ear, Easel and Japanese Print, January 1889


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Puzzle by Elizabeth A. Long / Edited by Will Shortz

VINCENT / VAN GOGH (48A. With 50-Across, Dutch painter represented by this puzzle’s circled letters), along with the circled letters, EYE, EYE, NOSE, MOUTH and EAR, constitute the interrelated group of this wry Tuesday crossword.

Other — ADVISED (10D. Counseled), EYESORE (26A. Not a pretty sight), FRECKLE (4D. Something redheads tend to do), HOOSEGOW (8D. Slammer), NOWADAYS (33A. Currently), OBTRUDES (39A. Sticks out), ONGOING (45D. Not stopping), PROPOSALS (11D. Season-ending events on “The Bachelor”), RACIEST (40D. Most risqué), RAT SNAKES (32D. Rodent-eating reptiles), SOCKEYE (24A. Red salmon), WENT SOLO (37D. Broke off from a group).

Mid-size — AGATES, AFOOT, AFORE, Win by A NOSE, BATHE, BIPED, EATER, ELITE, FLOSSY (43A. Showily stylish), FOLIC, GEESE, HASTY, IDAHO, IN AWE, KOREA (57A. It used to be called the Hermit Kingdom), MEREST, MOTTS, MOUTH, ON AIR, ORDER, SABINE (46A. River on the Texas/Louisiana border), SWEDE, THICK, TOTEM, VETTE (50D. Sting Ray, e.g., informally), VOWEL.

Short stuff — ABA, APES, BAN, BETA, DIN, DRAW, EBB, ETS, EWES, FRA Angelico, “Pardon me, would you have any GREY Poupon?”, HEM, IDES, KEYS, LANK, LEST we forget“, LET, LYE, MET, MIFF, MAO, NEST, ODOR, RAN, In medias RES, SSE, STY, SUIT, TALE, TONE, UBER, VOTE, WAKE, WOW, YAW, YES and YET.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Tick off; 5. Wash; 10. Mimics; 14. Skunk’s defense; 15. Under way; 16. Attract, as an audience; 17. Dickens wrote one about two cities; 18. They’re frowned upon; 19. What an office seeker seeks; 20. Blockheaded; 23. Human or kangaroo; 28. Cleaning substance; 29. Banded marbles; 30. Most negligible; 36. Sports org. in a 1976 merger; 37. Blow away; 38. Leased; 46. River on the Texas/Louisiana border; 47. Hightailed it; 54. Warning at a station; 56. Cairo-to-Addis Ababa dir.; 58. Evidence of a ship’s passing; 59. Be sassy, with “off”; 61. Fateful day in March; 62. Ovine mothers; 63. Cream of the crop; 64. Wasp’s home; 66. Indian emblem. — DOWN: 1. Applesauce maker; 2. The 43rd state; 3. Kind of acid in breakfast cereal; 4.Something redheads tend to do; 5. Outlaw; 6. In front of, old-style; 7. Kind of deafness; 9. Flying saucer fliers, for short; 12. “Peter Peter Pumpkin ___”; 13. Writer Stieg Larsson, e.g.; 21. People are always searching for them; 23. Alpha-gamma connector; 25. Still; 27. Go slightly off course; 30. Chinese chairman; 31. Opposite of rise; 34. “You’re calling because …?”; 35. Messy dorm room, say; 37. Broke off from a group; 41. “Deutschland ___ Alles”; 42. What a lot off partiers make; 44. Long and lean; 48. “I’d like to buy a ___, Pat”; 49. Deeply impressed; 50. Sting Ray, e.g., informally; 51. “Large pepperoni with extra cheese,” e.g.; 52. V-formation fliers; 53. Overly quick; 56. Diamonds, e.g.; 59. Shook hands with, say; 60. What a seamstress may take up.

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