01.07.12 — It's A Breeze!

Bord de Mer (Marine: Bateaux de Pêche), c. 1868-72, Jules Dupré


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Puzzle by Joe Krozel / Edited by Will Shortz

Eight fifteen-letter answers constitute the main feature of this breezy Saturday crossword:

EXTENSION COURSE (15A. Offering for continuing education)
DEAD AS A DOORNAIL (17A. Totally gone)
DIRTY POLITICIAN (44A. Mudslinger, say)
ANSWERED TO NO ONE (47A. Lacked any supervision)
EXERCISE MACHINE (2D. Aid in scaling down?)
STAYED THE COURSE (3D. Hung in there)
ORAL EXAMINATION (12D. Taxing educational hurdle)
ASIATIC ELEPHANT (13D. One traveling around India with a trunk)

Other — BENEFITS, CATBOAT (8A. Craft with one mast and one sail), DEEP RED, DIALECTS, DWAYNES, ESTIMATE, RED TIDE, RESCUED, SONANTS, STEP DAD, TELESIS (14D. Progress by intelligent design), WENT WILD (33A. Lost it).

Mid-size — A COOL” million, BEARS, BETEL, BIREME (31A. Hellenistic-era galley), CCXII, CEDAR, CERTS, C-NOTES, COCOA, DESEX, DUPRÉ (39D. Barbizon School painter Jules), EHLERS (30A. Longtime “Guiding Light“ actress Beth), ILLIN’ LET ON, MOTHY, ODETTE, OUT OF, SCREW, SECTS, SERACS (29A. Glacial pinnacles), SINEX, SMELLS and SMELT, TACIT,TRY AS I might …”, VANES, VETOED, WAS OLD (33D. Lacked in freshness).

Short stuff — BUN, CAPA, DID, ECON, ESS, ICER, LAE (20A. Papua New Guinea port), MINN, NEW, OYER, Dien Bien PHU, SETS, TOO, TORN, TWP, UNAS


It's not always smooth sailing!

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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Like many a fairy tale princess; 19. Pretend; 20. Papua New Guinea port; 21. One with a glazed-over expression?; 22. Plant related to pepper; 23. Places for shooting stars; 24. Finished; 25. They’ve been splintered; 26. Boiling point at Roman baths?; 27. Number tossed out; 32. Is offensive, in a way; 35. Left unsaid; 36 Waterwheel parts; 37. Learning the ropes; 38. Depression specialist’s subj.; 39. Fix; 40. Bullfighter’s cloak; 41. Vietnam’s Dien Bien ___; 42. Lacking; 43. Like some uncared-for-closets; 48. Strawberry, for example; 49. Voiced letters. — DOWN: 1. Potential beach closer; 4. It prevents things from becoming 43-Across; 5. Some, in Seville; 6. Southern leader?; 7. Southern and such; 8. Hundreds; 9. “___ Million” (Nathanael West novel); 10. Like some muscles and tendons; 11. Frank’s place; 14. Progress by intelligent design; 16. Proust’s Parisian courtesan; 23. One whose head is turned; 25. Take the lead from?; 26. Roll of candy; 28. Wack, in hip-hop; 29. Blockage-busting brand; 31. Job-hunting consideration; 32. Pop from a different line; 34. Hockey player Roloson and wrestler Johnson; 36. Like pocketed bills; 40. Brown shade; 42. Court hearing; 43. Brooklyn Park setting: Abbr.; 45. Municipal div.; 46. Before-long link.

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