01.28.12 — Impact Attenuator

Impact Attenuators, Fitch barriers / barrels —
an installation in Canada, image à la DUI


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Concern for a dermatologist, LUMP; 5. They often come with eggs, HASH BROWNS; 15. Catalan article, UNES; 16. What cuts power in half?, SQUARE ROOT; 17. Sheila’s welcome, G’DAY; 18. Opposite of “dissuaded from”, TALKED INTO; 19. Coulee, GULCH; 21. Messed up, BLEW; 22. Roster curtailer, ET AL; 23. Product of some decay, ALPHA RAY; 25. Non-Hollywood, say, INDIE; 26. Bit of wet-weather wear, GALOSH; 27. Packed things, PISTOLS; 29. Touchdown letters, ETA; 30. Something stuck in a freezer?, POPSICLE; 33. Five in the ninth inning?, ENS; 35. Step, NOTCH; 36. Prefix with 11-Down, DIS; 39. Signs near a teller’s window, maybe, ENDORSES; 42. Some proctors, briefly, TAS; 44. Of the essence, CRUCIAL; 47. Silverwing flier, CESSNA; 49. Prepare to send some mail, LOG ON; 50. Route through a park, maybe, BIKE PATH; 52. The toe of a boot?, OMAN; 53. Schnapps choice, PEAR; 55. Declamation stations, PODIA; 56. Many a crash cushion at a construction zone, SAND BARREL; 59. Get 44-Down, NEAR; 60. Affection, ENDEARMENT; 61. Bananas, GAGA; 62. Civil engineering vehicle, ROAD GRADER; 63. School in the Piedmont region, ELON.

Down — 1. It’s checked before taking off, LUGGAGE; 2. Ripple, UNDULATE; 3. Dieter’s design, MEAL PLAN; 4. Like many horror flick characters, PSYCHO; 5. One of the subjects of the best-selling ‘02 book “The Conquerors”, HST; 6. King Hussein Airport locale, AQABA; 7. Disgrace, SULLY; 8. Cod relative, HAKE; 9. Java, for one, BREW; 10. Like the Phillies’ caps, RED; 11. Word with career or goal, ORIENTED; 12. Falls short, WON’T DO; 13. Manx trait, NO TAIL; 14. Some ermines, STOLES; 20. Securing device, HASP; 24. Her help was solicited in a hit song, RHONDA; 25. P.R., e.g., ISL; 27. P.R. releases, PICS; 28. Passing comment at a poker table, I CHECK; 31. Shared funds, POOL; 32. Symphonic score abbr., STR; 34. Backed up, SECONDED; 37. “Sold!”, IT’S A DEAL; 38. Universidad de las Américas site, SANTIAGO; 40. “Children of the Albatross” novelist, NIN; 41. Osmose, SEEP; 43. Like much of Niger, SAHARAN; 44. Not so remote, CLOSER; 45. Swiss alternative, ROMANO; 46. Big coffee exporter, UGANDA; 48. Quick and thorough learner, SPONGE; 50. Like some canine teeth, BARED; 51. Daughter of Zeus and Themis, IRENE; 53. “The Incredibles” family name, PARR; 54. Aretha’s Grammy-nominated sister, ERMA; 57. Bit of 1-Down, BAG; 58. Photocopier abbr., LTR.


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