01.22.12 — Snow White's Employment Agency

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Puzzle by Adam Fromm / Edited by Will Shortz

Seven answer/clues featuring the dwarfs of the Disney film of Snow White constitute the interrelated group of this skillful Sunday crossword.

NIGHT WATCHMAN (24A. Bad occupation for Sleepy?)
GOTH MUSICIAN (29A. Bad occupation for Happy?)
FLORAL ARRANGER (57A. Bad occupation for Sneezy?)
MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER (63A. Bad occupation for Grumpy?)
ALGEBRA TEACHER (73A. Bad occupation for Dopey?)
VILLAGE IDIOT (98A. Bad occupation for Doc?)
TV PERSONALITY (110 Bad occupation for Bashful?)

Other — ALAKAZAM (“Voilà“), APACHES, BIGGIES, BULKIEST, CHRONICLE, CORONACH (52D. Funderal song in Scotland), ENZYMES, GO VIRAL (56D. Become a YouTube sensation), HEADACHE, ONE PAIR (88D. Not a great hand for raising), ORATION, OUTSELL, PERCENT, POACHERS, PRODUCT, ROMANOV, SEAHORSE (105A. Hippocampus hippocampus, e.g.), SILICON, SOCIABLE, STRAFED, THE BARD, UNCLE SAM, WALNUTS.

Six-letter — ANALOG (55A. Having hands, maybe), ELAINE, ELITES, LASSOS, LLOYDS, MOMENT, MONICA, NAUSEA (21D. Vertigo symptom), ORIGIN, PAELLA (80A. Spanish dish), PLAQUE, RASTAS, SING OF (27D. Honor like a troubadour), STENTS, STRESS, TALONS, TOW BAR, UNITED.

Five — AMATI, ASCOT, Cave CANEM, CHEEP (95D. [“Give me the worm! Give me the worm!”]), CHEST, CONAN (32A. Hero who debuted in Weird Tales magazine in 1932), EISEN, ELTON, EMOTE, ETHAN Frome“, HORNS, ILIFE, I’LL GO, I’M HIT and  I QUIT, ITALO, KYLES, MAGMA, METER, MINIM, OLIOS, OUTER, PHONO, PLOPS, RELIT and REMIT, RENEW, RITES, SIGMA, STRUG, TESSA, VOLAR (98D. Relating to the palm of the hand), WACKO, WINED.

Short stuff — ADV, AIDA, Jai ALAI, APOD and AROD, Lhasa APSO, ART (111D. “Either plagiarism or revolution,” per Paul Gauguin), ASS, BATH (19D. Subject of dozens of Degas paintings), CAN, CHI, CPA, CRO Magnon, DANG, DDS, DINT, ELS, EMIR, ENTS, ERAS and ETAS, ERS, EVIL, GETS, GRE, LAUD, LEES, MOOG, NADA, NAME, NICE, NIT, RENE, RIPE, SAWS and SEWS, SOAP (30D. Bar that shrinks), SOO Canals, SPR, STEP, SSRS, TAG, TATU, THE, TRA-la-la, WHIG, WICK, WRY, YSER.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Colo. ___, Colo.; 4. 1040 preparer, for short; 7. Heartbeat; 13. Plied with spirits; 18. Shakespeare; 20. National Forensic League skill; 22. Rare violin; 23. Royal house until the early 20th century; 26. One; 27. Head of ancient Sparta?; 28. Hardest to ship, say; 31. Bit of wear for a fop; 33. M.A. hopeful’s ordeal; 34. Like Oscar Wilde’s humor; 37. Ruler in a robe; 41. Touch while running; 42. Home of two M.L.B. teams; 44. Villains in 1939’s “Stagecoach”; 48. Last ___; 50. Ones running away with the game?; 54. Mrs. Robinson’s daughter; 59. More than a quarter of the earth’s crust, by mass; 61. Longtime Yankee nickname; 62. Spot for a flame; 69. 2000 musical with the song “Fortune Favors the Brave”; 70. Diplomatic, say; 71. Some juices; 79. Grippers; 81. Classic figure in a top hat; 83. It needs to be fed frequently; 84. Best in the market; 86. Last word of “Finnegans Wake”; 89. Gives a darn?; 90. Bridge maker’s deg.; 91. Biblical mount; 93. Singer John; 95. Common tattoo spot; Mismashes; 109. Employee of the month award, say; 112. Waldorf salad ingredients; 113. Sports anchor Rich; 114. Attacked ground units, in a way; 115. Honchos; 116. Lands in a puddle, maybe; 117. Accent. — DOWN: 1. Kerri ___, U.S. gymnastics star at the 1996 Olympics; 2. 45 player; 3. Pay up; 5. One going to market; 6. Daily or weekly: Abbr.; 7. “Friends” role; 8. (0,0), on a graph; 9. Eruption sight; 11. A picky person may pick one; 12. Trailer attachment; 13. Bananas; 14. “Somebody shot me!”; 15. Questionnaire blank; 16. Airport postings, for short; 17. Force; 25. Group with the 1995 #1 hit “Waterfalls”; 30. Bar that shrinks; 33. Miss; 34. Like four U.S. presidents; 35. Mathematician Descartes; 36. River to the North Sea; 37. Chapters in history; 38. Half note; 39. Novelist Calvino; 40. Like lanterns at the start of evening; 42. Log; 43. Big bother; 45. Degree of interest?; 47. Fire; 49. Convivial; 53. Cuts; 58. Finally edible; 60. Zip; 64. Duo with the 2003 hit “All the Things She Said”; 65. Levi’s alternative; 68. Actors MacLachlan and Chandler; 67. Serve up some ham?; 68. Extend, in a way; 72. Georgia and Moldova, once: Abbr.; 73. Like two peas in ___; 74. Hail; 75. Is allowed (to); 76. Overhead transports; 77. Tolkien’s tree creatures; 78. Some Jamaicans; 82. “Switched-On Bach” instrument; 85. Snares; 92. Surgical inserts; 93. Aristocracies; 94. Big name in insurance; 96. Hallmark of the Philadelphhia sound; 97. Sounds of hesitation; 99. Apple software bundle that includes GarageBand; 100. Volunteer’s cry; 101. “Shoot!”; 102. Disgruntled worker’s parting cry; 103. External; 104. “The Gondoliers” bride; 105. Ballet bit; 106. Malevolent; 112. Fighters org.

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Anonymous said...

Seems like 75D, "Is allowed (to)", should be LETS instead of GETS. A cluing error or can GETS mean this?