01.20.12 — Mammy's Son

Friday, January 20, 2012

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Semimonthly tide, NEAP; 5. Mooring post on a ship, BITT; 9. Head nurse on “Scrubs”, CARLA; 14. If you add up the pros and cons, ON BALANCE; 16. Nautical direction, ABEAM; 17. Pitcher of the only no-hitter in World Series history, DON LARSEN; 18. Small truck manufacturer, TONKA; 19. Highly rated 1997 film with the song “Tupelo Honey”, ULEE’S GOLD; 20. Take in, possibly, ALTER; 21. Flogs, HARD SELLS; 22. Like yoga instructors, LITHE; 23. Pink shade, ROSE; 24. Secures every share from, BUYS OUT; 26. Early man?, BOY; 28. Had some inventory problems, RAN SHORT; 28. HOV lane; 30. Berate profanely, SWEAR AT; 33. Court, WOO; 34. What mansions rarely are, ONE STORY; 38. “CNN = Politics” (TV slogan); 37. Inventor given a gold medal by Titanic survivors, MARCONI; 38. “Goodness me!”, GOSH; 41. U.K. Triple Crown racecourse site, EPSOM; 42. Dance trio?, CHA CHA CHA; 47. Suddenly took interest, SAT UP; 48. Motivated, BESTIRRED; 49. Go on, PRATE; 50. Communion place; 51. Abject, UTTER; 52. Colorful Amazon swimmer, NEON TETRA; 53. They’re indispensable, NEEDS; 54. Mrs. Charles Lindbergh, ANNE; 55. “The Lucy-DESI Comedy Hour”.

Down — 1. “Well, of course”, NO DUH; 2. Name on a famous B-29, ENOLA; 3. Mammy’s son, ABNER; 4. Adjective applied to ginger ale, PALE DRY; 5. Things towed along towpaths, BARGES; 6. Expanse beneath an arch?, INSOLE; 7. Certain lymphocyte, TCELL; 8. Words behind a counter, TENDS BAR; 9. Prompter, CATALYST; 10. Get rid of, ABOLISH; 11. Like some store furniture, RENT-TO-OWN; 12. North American home of 30,000 islands, LAKE HURON; 13. Tiramisu ingredient, often, AMARETTO; 15. Frequent photo prop for Will Rogers, LASSO; 25. “UNA furtive lagrima” (Donizetti aria); 26. Bourbon enemy, BONAPARTE; 27. Blow out of proportion, OVERSTATE; 28. Flat fish, RAY; 29. Pleasantly rustic, HOME SPUN; 30. The Village STOMPERS (musical group with the 1963 hit “Washington Square”); 31. Walked away with, WON; 32. Star of Ang Lee’s “Hulk”, ERIC BANA; 35. Looked for a phenomenon, maybe, SCOUTED; 36. Blackened, CHARRED; 38. Leroux who created the Phantom, GASTON; 39. Premium number, OCTANE; 40. What a dickey simulates, SHIRT; 43. Lady of Paris, HELEN; 44. Junk car, CRATE; 45. Some funeral attendees, HEIRS; 46. “We’re Madly for ADLAI” (old campaign song).


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