01.06.12 — R We Who We R?

Ke$ha from the video We R Who We R


Friday, January 6, 2012

Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

This sweet Friday crossword is filled with variety and interest, the familiar and unfamiliar, the fair, the unfair and far out — something for every solver.

Across — 1. Company whose jobs are often changing?, JIFFY LUBE; 10. Working group, STAFF; 15. Got to the bottom of, UNRAVELED; 16. It takes a bow at a musical performance, CELLO; 17. 1958 Buddy Holly hit, MAYBE BABY; 18. “Guaranteed relief every time” sloganeer, EX-LAX;19. Historic leader?, PRE; 20. “Dove SONO” (Mozart aria); 21. Thing, ENTITY; 22. Poetic contraction, EER; 23. Kind of strip, NO-PEST; 25. Workers’ org. founded by Samuel Gompers, AFL; 26. Farriers’ tools, RASPS; 29. Letters signifying quality brandy, VSOP; 30. Grant-giving org., NEA; 31. Musical with the song “Written in the Stars”, AIDA; 33. Said “There, there” to, say, SOLACED; 36. It makes the Statue of Liberty green, PATINA; 39. Guarantee, SURETY; 40. Very excited, ATINGLE; 42. The so-called Island of the Gods, BALI; 43. Head for the hills, LAM; 44. One can be tall, TALE; 46. Jerry or Jerry Lee, LEWIS; 50. Seine sight, ILE; 51. Rappers’ covers, DO-RAGS; 53. Sign, INK; 54. Lane on Broadway, NATHAN; 56. Attack, GO AT; 58. Telephone trio, GHI; 59. Against a thing, at law, IN REM; 60. 2010 Ke$ha chart-topper with a creatively spelled five-word title, WE R WHO WE R; 62. Clichéd, STALE; 63. Series of Nintendo games, MARIO KART; 64. Certain 49-Down, MAXIS; 65. Watersheds, DRAINAGES.

Down — 18-footer, maybe, JUMPER; 2. Measured two-dimensionally, IN AREA; 3. Chickens, for dinner, FRYERS; 4. “Marvy!”, FAB; 5. Surrealist Tanguy, YVES; 6. Simon of Duran Duran, LEBON; 7. Russian ballerina Galina ULANOVA; 8. Gets into Monk music, BEBOPS; 9. Eponym of a frozen food, EDY; 10. It may be picked up in the woods, SCENT; 11. Do a driver’s no-no, TEXT; 12. Axis, e.g., ALLIANCE; 13. Condition known medically as pes planus, FLAT FEET; 14. 1967 hit with the lyric “You know you’re a cute little heartbreaker, FOXY LADY; 21. Wife, in Juárez, ESPOSA; 24. Sister of Helios, EOS; 27. Sibling, at times?, PAIN; 28. Sound really good, SING; 32. 007 player, DALTON; 34. Put to sleep, LULL; 35. Auto racer Luyendyk, ARIE; 36. “Refudiate,” e.g., PALINISM; 37. Mythical runner, ATALANTA; 38. 1990s series initially set in the year 2193, TIME TRAX; 41. Place for a plug, EAR; 42. Mild Irish oath, BEGORRA; 45. Nike competitor, LA GEAR; 47. Move to and fro, WIGWAG; 48. Belong, INHERE; 49. Women’s wear, SKIRTS; 51. Women, DAMES; 52. 2005 horror sequel, SAW II; 55. Prefix with port, HELI; 57. Fund-raising suffix, THON; 60. Iraq war subject, briefly, WMD; 61. Olga tributary, OKA.


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