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Sioux tipi, watercolor by Karl Bodmer, ca. 1833


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Puzzle by Gary Cee / Edited by Will Shortz

TEPEE (40A. Indian home … or a hint to nine other answers in this puzzle), THINK PIECE, TACK PIN, THE PIPS, TEAM PLAYER, TENNIS PRO, TEA PARTY, TAR PITS, TOM PETTY and THEME PARK constitute the interrelated group of this tepid Tuesday crossword.

Other — ASHORE, CHOOSE, CONNIE (20A. Francis who sang “Who‘s Sorry Now?”), EMERGE, FAT CAT, LECTER (8D. Hannibal of “The Silence of the Lambs“), LEVENE, PLAY-IN, REPAVE, ROTTEN, SHINER.

Five-letter — Happy as A CLAM, ALTER, AMITY, AMPLE, APSIS, “The results ARE IN!”, BELEM (57A. Brazilian port of 1.4 million), CARLA, INGLE, KINER, LABEL, LARGE, PRIOR, STEPS, SPOKE, TERSE.

Short stuff — ACT, ALE and ALI, ASHE, ANTI and ASTI and ASTR, “Clear the AREA!“, ATE, BAHN, CAPE Canaveral, CLEO, ENYA, FAST, HASH, HEP, HYPE, ITEM, KNEE, LEA, MAP, NSA, OATH, “Just the ONE“, PAR, PEÑA, PTAS, RHO, RING, RPMS, RTE, SARI, SHE, STAB, TEM, THAW, WHYS and wherefores.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Lickety-split; 5. French first lady ___ Bruni-Sarkozy; 10. Spear; 14. ESPN’s Arthur ___ Courage Award; 15. Let out at the waist, e.g.; 16. Major-leaguer Tony or Alejandro; 17. Essay, say; 19. “I do solemnly swear … ,” e.g.; 21. Lapel attachment; 24. Lunched, say; 26. “Glee” actress ___ Michele; 27. Unwordy; 28. King-size; 30. P, to Greeks; 33. Abovementioned; 35. No-good; 37. Space science: Abbr.; 42. Advertising, basically; 43. Select; 45. Fireplace; 47. President pro ___; 48. Cordial relations; 50. Sufficient; 54. Not unusual; 56. American defense org.; 58. Backup group for Gladys Knight; 61. Blacktop again, e.g.; 62 Busy and derby; 63. One not looking for individual glory; 68. Italian wine city; 68. Wedding band; 70. Degrees; 71. Word before deep or high. — DOWN: Nabob; 2. On dry land; 3. Black eye; 4. Coach on the court; 6. Rumble in the Jungle winner; 7. GPS recommendation: Abbr.; 10. Bike wheel radius; 11. Group associated with 2009’s Taxpayer March on Washington; 12. Opposed to; 13. U-___ (Berlin railway); 18. Hall-of-Famer Ralph of the Pirates; 22. ‘63 Liz Taylor role; 24 Skin soother; 25. La Brea fossil preserve; 29. Actor/TV personality Kinnear; 31. Cool, ‘50s-style; 34. Couple in the news; 36. Disneyland, e.g.; 37. Part of a play; 38. “He & ___” (1960s CBS series); 39. Singer with the Heartbreakers; 41. New Age Grammy winner; 44. Hindu wrap; 46. A-C on a filing cabinet, e.g.; 49. Beetle, for one; 51. Opening-round game of the N.C.A.A. basketball tournament; 52. Actor Sam of stage and screen; 53. Come to light; 55. Extreme point in an orbit; 58. De-ice; 59. ___ mark (#); 60. School grps.; 61. Dashboard readings, for short; 64. Porter or stout; 65. Treasure hunter’s aid.

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