02.17.12 — Casual Friday

Youth with a Skull, c. 1626-1628, Frans Hals (the Elder)


Friday, February 17, 2012

Puzzle by Ian Livengood / Edited by Will Shortz

Twelve ten-letter answers, three in each corner, constitutes the main feature of this Friday crossword.

BABE MAGNET (1A. Stud, say)
ELI WALLACH (15A. He played Don Altobello in “The Godfather Part III”) 
AFTERTASTE (17A Side effect?)
OWEN WISTER (49A. “Lady Baltimore” novelist, 1906) 
THERE THERE (53A. “It’ll be O.K.” lead-in)
EASY DOES IT (55A. “Whoa, not so fast!”)
SPACE CADET (13D. Flighty type)
POWER TOOLS (14D. Drills, e.g.)
SCHOOLMATE (25D. Friend one grows up with, often)
I HAD NO IDEA (25D. “News to me!”)
FALSE START (27D. Reason for a track delay)

Remaining across — ADAR, BANA, BETEL, BLUNT, CHADS, CHAW, CLASS ACT (28A. Admirable person), DADO, EATS, EXPO, FEED, FRIED, HALS (32A. “Youth With a Skull“ painter), HINT, LOSES TO, MAS, MITTEN, NOUNS, ODS, ONE-TO-ONE (38A. Evenly matched), RAO, RESP, SEA ICE (21A. It’s gradually shrinking in the Arctic), SIFTER, SLID, SPF, STAPLER, TERA, VALETS.

Down — ALFA, ALTAIR (6D. Aquila’s brightest star), BANDITO, BEAM, BITS, BRUNO, CLINE, DELT, EAST, ECT, EWE, FEES, FOOTNOTE (33D. Where following a star might lead you), FRET, GLAND, HENRY, MARBLES (5D. Sense, slangily), NASA, NOSE, PERI, RECAPS, SHE, SLUES, STDS and STES, TETRAS, THE STAND (10D. Postapocalyptic best seller of 1978), VIEWED, WHA (50D. “Huh?”).


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 11. Court defendant: Abbr.; 16. Fair; 18. Hillbilly’s plug; 19. More, to a 37-Down; 20. Eric of “Funny People,” 2009; 23. Lost traction; 24. One punched in an office; 25. Kitchen dusting aid; 29. They might be left hanging; 30. Not pussyfooting; 31. 1990s Indian P.M.; 33. Didn’t use a high enough 45-Across, maybe; 35. Some E.M.T. cases; 36. They stand for things; 37. Kind of nut; 40. Employees at a ritzy hotel; 41. Is routed by; 42. Whiff; 43. Hand holder?; 44. Grain, e.g.; 45. Ray blockage no.; 48. Month whose zodiac sign is a fish; 52. Prefix with 3-Down; 54. Tummy filler. — DOWN: 1. Appear thrilled; 2. Two before Charlie; 3. Computing 0s and 1s; 4. Milk source; 7. Secretive body part; 8. Mariner’s grp.; 9. Outer: Prefix; 11. Wraps up; 22. League division; 23. Criteria: Abbr.; 24. Veers sharply; 28. “Faded Love” singer, 1963; 30. Film with the tagline “Borat was SO 2006”; 34. Shoulder press target, briefly; 36. It’s in front of the cockpit; 37. South-of-the-border bad guy; 39. Colorful additions to tanks; 40. Beheld; 42. Name in seven Shakespeare titles; 44. Charges from counsel; 45. They may be prayed to in Fr.; 46. Graceful fairy; 47. Part of a long neck; 51. “___ being Brand” (Cummings poem).

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