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Monday, February 6, 2012

Puzzle by Tom Pepper / Edited by Will Shortz

GO HALFSIES (17A. Split a bill evenly with someone), GO CRAZY (39A. Flip out), GO COMMANDO (62A. Leave the drawers in the drawer, say), GO HAYWIRE (11D. Malfunction) and GO BELLY-UP (35D. Fail financially) constitute the interrelated group of this Monday crossword.

Other — ANALOGY, CANINE (37A. Fanglike tooth), BAD HAIR (45D. Kind of day, grooming-wise), ERRORS, EXACTA (47A. Bet on a one-two finish), GALAXY (27A. Milky Way, for one), HEDGES, LOAFERS, NO MORE (23A. “I‘ve had enough!”), SNEEZY (8D. Dwarf who‘s blessed a lot?), START IN, TABLET.

Five-letter — ABOVO, ARTOO-Detoo, BEGUN, CZECH, EASEL, EDGAR, ELIOT, ENDED, ERASE, GINSU, HO-HUM (3D. Yawn-inducing), KIWIS (30D. New Zealanders, informally), LATER, LORNA, ODEON, RHINO (60A. Safari animal, informally), RSVPS, SOOEY (54D. “Here, piggy piggy piggy!”), UVULA (20A. Throat dangler), XEROX, ZLOTY.

Short stuff — ACTV (58D. When Hamlet dies), “Zip-ADEE-Doo-Dah!, AHEM (19. Throat clearer), ALA, ARC, ARID, "AS YE sow, so shall …”, BAHA Men, BEST, DRAG, EBON, ELF, GASP, GENT, GOLF, GOOP, INNS, IRE, ISEE, LARA, Hip-hop’s MOS Def, NEO, OKAY, OLE, ONTO, ORGY, OSLO, POPS, RAKE, READ, RNA, ROSA (6D. Civil rights pioneer Parks), RUDY, SEAT, SGTS, SLUR, SOME, TERM, TORO, TREK.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. ___ Men (“Who Let the Dogs Out” group); 5. Remove, as pencil marks; 10. Ones ranked above cpls.; 14. Black, to bards; 15. ___ Doone cookies; 16. Spanish bull; 22. Do a fall chore; 25. Ruble : Russia :: ___ : Poland; 33. Unrestrained revelry; 36. Hot temper; 38. Prefix with classical; 41. Genetic stuff; 41. iPad, for example; 44. Flamenco cheer; 45. Second to none; 46. Old-fashioned music hall; 49. Procrastinator’s word; 51. Natural barriers between yards; 55. Sport that’s been called “a good walk spoiled”; 57. Pull along; 64. Speak drunkenly; 65. ___-Detoo of “Star Wars”; 66. “Understood”; 67. Boston ___ (orchestra); 68. Replies to an invitation; 69. Former New York mayor Giuliani. — DOWN: 1. Commenced; 2. From the beginning, in Latin; 4. The clue for 25-Across, e.g.; 5. North Pole toymaker; 7. Saharan; 9. Painter’s stand; 10. Get to work (on); 11. Malfunction; 12. Long, hard journey; 13. Amount between none and all; 18. Dr. Zhivago’s love; 24. J. Alfred Prufrock’s creator T. S. ___; 26. “Fine by me”; 28. Rainbow’s shape; 29. Office copy, say; 31. Quaint lodgings; 32. Plane assignment; 33. Not fooled by; 34. Librarian’s urging; 37. Prague native; 39. Mannerly man, briefly; 40. In the style of; 43. Casual shoes; 47. Blunders; 48. Six years, for a U.S. senator; 50. Mystery writer’s award; 52. Infomercial knife; 53. Finished; 55. [Horrors!]; 56. Nobel Peace Prize city; 59. Sticky stuff.

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