02.24.12 — Friday Dada

Hannah Höch, Cut with the Dada Kitchen Knife through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany, 1919, collage of pasted papers, 90x144 cm, Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin


Friday, February 24, 2012

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Cuisine featuring nam prik, THAI; 5. Identifies, PEGS; 9. Counterpart, MATE; 13. Mezzo-soprano Marilyn HORNE; 15. 1968 Best Actor nominee for “The Fixer”, ALAN BATES; 17. A blimp may hover over one, ARENA; 18. Induce squirming in, perhaps, EMBARRASS; 19. Coat that’s easy to take off, WATER BASE PAINT; 21. French loanword that literally means “rung on a ladder”, ECHELON; 22. Colors, TINCTS; 24. Perfect, DEAD ON; 25. It was MSNBC’s highest-rated program when canceled in 2003, DONAHUE; 26. Antique shop purchase, CURIO; 29. Wizard’s garment, ROBE; 30. Paper assets, STOCKS AND SHARES; 36. Device with a hard disk; TIVO; 37. It has a denomination of $1,000, T-NOTE; 38. Homeric character who commits matricide, ORESTES; 41. Weapons used to finish off the Greek army at Thermopylae, ARROWS; 46. What a robot might resemble, PERSON; 47. To the left, LIBERAL; 48. Psychedelic 1968 song featuring a lengthy drum solo, IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA; 31. What a whatnot has, BRIC-A-BRAC; 52. Like molasses, GOOEY; 53. Danger for a climber, ROCK SLIDE; 54. President’s daughter on “The West Wing”, ELLIE; 55. Alternative to “your”, ONES; 56. Company whose Nasdaq symbol is the company’s name, EBAY; 57. Keep alive, as a fire, TEND.

Down — 1. Showed a bit more friendliness, THAWED; 2. Poet who gave us “carpe diem”, HORACE; 3. Singer at Barack’s inauguration, ARETHA; 4. Poor, IN NEED; . Hymn sung to Apollo, PAEAN; 6. Trees in Gray’s country churchyard, ELMS; 7. Kaplan who co-hosted six seasons of “High Stakes Poker”, GABE; 8. Acknowledge a commander’s entrance, maybe, SNAP TO; 9. Pizza sauce, MARINARA; 10. Not going with the flow?, AT ANCHOR;11. Round-bottomed container, TEST TUBE; 12. Letter on Kal-El’s costume, ESS; 14. One hanging at a temple, EARLOCK; 16. It’s all in your head, BRAIN; 20. Christmas green?, BONUS; 23. Gets the gist, SEES; 25. Dimwit, DOLT; 27. “I hate it when that happens!”, RATS; 28. Business often located near an interstate, INN; 30. Obstruct, STOP; 31. Trunk item, TIRE IRON; 32. Too accommodating for one’s own good, OVER-NICE; 33. Once-autonomous people of southern Russia, COSSACKS; 34. Sober, STAID; 35. Nonwoody plant parts, HERBAGE; 39. Senate sheets, TOGAS; 40. Make possible, ENABLE; 42. Disobey the rule?, REVOLT; 43. Baltimore’s ORIOLE Park; 44. Begin with enthusiasm, WADE IN; 45. Got a lot of laughs out of, SLAYED; 47. 1980s Tyne Daly role, LACEY; 49. Small quantity, DRIB; 50. Surrealism forerunner, DADA; 51. Buddy, BRO.


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