02.01.12 — War and Peace

The Battle of Borodino, fought on September 7, 1812 and involving more than 250,000 troops and 70,000 casualties was a pivotal turning point in Napoleon's failed campaign to take Russia. It is vividly depicted in great detail through the plot and characters in War and Peace. Painting by Louis-François, Baron Lejeune, 1822.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski / Edited by Will Shortz

WAR AND PEACE (39A. Classic novel of 1,000+ pages … or a hint to the word ladder formed by the answers to the starred clues), HAWK / HARK / HARE / CARE / CORE / COVE / LOVE / DOVE, along with L E O T O L S T O Y in circled letters comprises the interrelated group of this perfectly agreeable Wednesday crossword.

Other — CAPITAL N (6D. Napoleonic leader?), CHARLIE (52A. Brown in the funnies), GREAT APES (17A. Gorillas and others), NAME ONE 59A. “Give me an example!“), PET PEEVE (40D. Personal bugaboo), PHONES / TREO (47D. 7-Down and others; 7D. Palm product), PROVABLE (34A. Meriting a “Q.E.D.“), RUBY RED (27A. Grapefruit choice), TEARDROP (43A. Earring shape), THE DONALD (64A. “You‘re fired!” speaker, informally).

Mid-size — Coeur d’ALENE, ALTARS, Run out of town on A RAIL, ASSAY, ASTOR Place, BATS IN. BEHAR, CODER, IS NOT, LEDTO and LENTO, MAVENS (48D. Whizzes), MULCH, MUSHY, NEATLY, O’HARE, OK SURE, RC COLA (46D. Soda brand since 1905), REATA, SCORED, SERIOUS, SHREDS, SUN TEA (21D. Drink brewed naturally), UMASS.

Short stuff — ACDC, ADO, AGEE, AGR, DDE, ENID, EROS, EVAN, HAG,I DID it my way”, KEAS (4D. New Zealand parrots), LIV, LOY, MHOS, NAT, OAR, OCTO, ORE, PCP and PCS, PEZ, POP, PROW, 45 RPM, SDS, SEZ who?”, SNO Balls, Pro TEM, THA, UMA, WEE, YSER.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. *Peddle; 5. Prefix with “mom” in 2009 news; 9. Bay State sch.; 14. Tommie of the Miracle Mets; 15. *Christmas carol starter; 16. Soil enricher; 19. Manhattan’s ___ Place; 20. “No joke!”; 22. *Storied also-ran; 23. January 1 sound; 26. Intersected; 29. *Managed ___; 33. Vietnam-era protest org.; 37. Article in rap titles; 42. Columnist Hentoff; 49. Contrarian’s retort; 51. *Center; 54. Best Buy buys; 58. *Place to moor; 62. Oscar winner Tatum; 68. Slowly, on a score; 69. *Valentine sentiment; 71. Test for quality; 72. River of Flanders; 73. *Chocolate brand. — DOWN: 1. Broomstick rider; 2. Cabinet dept.; 3. Elfin; 5. Midway Airport alternative; 8. “Why not?!”; 9. Thurman of “In Bloom”; 10. Overly romantic; 11. Places for rites; 12. Wrote for an orchestra; 13. Tatters; 18. Pro ___ (for now); 23. Angel dust; 24. Item in a thole; 25. Ship’s christening spot; 28. Joy of “The View”; 30. Olympic skating champion Lysacek; 32. Resulted in; 36. Drives home, as runs; 38. “Back in Black” band; 40. Personal bugaboo; 41. Bow-toting god; 44. Prospector’s find; 45. Brand of movable collectibles; 50. Without muss or fuss; 53. Ranch in “Giant”; 55. Java or C++ whiz; 56. Hostess ___ Balls;60. Units now called Siemens; 61. Queen Wheat City of Oklahoma; 63. Myrna of film; 65. Hubbub; 66. Tyler of “Jersey Girl”; 67. Presidential monogram.

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