02.04.12 — Double Take

Faustulus (to the right of picture) discovers Romulus and Remus with the she-wolf and woodpecker. Their mother Rhea Silvia and the river-god Tiberinus witness the moment. Painting by Peter Paul Rubens, c. 1616


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Navajo terrain, MESAS; 6. Chicken PARM; 10. Pack member, for short?, CIG; 13. Top, OUTDO; 14. What going 100 might result in, STEEP FINE; 17. “You OWE ME one”; 18. 1980s-’90s hip-hop show co-hosted by Fab 5 Freddy, YO MTV RAPS;19. Ingurgitate, DEVOUR; 21. Delectable, LUSCIOUS; 22. Joins, ENROLLS; 24. Food item whose name means “pounded”, PESTO; 25. “Patton” setting, TUNISIA; 27. Relieve, RID; 28. They often accompany discoveries, AHAS; 29. Congregation, metaphorically, SHEEP; 32. Org. studying viruses, NIH; 35. Be daring, PUSH THE ENVELOPE; 39. Sound after “Lower … lower … that’s it!”, AHH; 40. Noted entertainer with a whistle, HARPO; 41. Site of a religious retreat, APSE;42. Oaf, LUG;43. Sneeze cause, RAGWEED; 46. Salad bar offering, BACON; 49. Writer about a bear, A A MILNE; 51. “Julie & Julia” co-star, AMY ADAMS; 53. Amass, RACK UP; 56. “Bad for bacteria” brand, LISTERINE; 58. Setting for the 1996 documentary “When We Were Kings”, ZAIRE; 59. “Funny People” actor, SETH ROGEN; 60. “Pietà or Revolution by Night” artist, ERNST; 61. Jerk, ASS; 62. Zip, DART; 63. “L’Amateur d’stampes” painter, DEGAS.

Pietà or Revolution by Night, 1923, Max Ernst

Down — Subjunctive, MOOD; 2. Dutch chess grandmaster Max EUWE; 3. First N.B.A. player to light the Olympic cauldron, STEVE NASH; 4. Caution, ADMONISH; 5. French nuns, SOEURS; 6. Liberal arts dept., PSY; 7. Midway, e.g., ATOLL; 8. Fratricide victim of myth, REMUS; 9. “Meet the METS” (major-league fight song); 10. Bye lines?, CIAOS; 11. Data, INPUT; 12. Artist’s supply, GESSO; 15. Line at a water fountain, maybe, PVC PIPE; 16. Burned out, FRIED; 20. Échecs piece, ROI; 23. Modern-day pointer, LASER; 25. Pat of a bar order, TAPA; 26. “Dream on!”, UHUH; 27. King, e.g.: Abbr., REV; 30. Like ‘40s boppers, HEP; 31. Colossal, to Coleridge, ENORM; 32. Christmas order, NO PEEKING; 33. Alter IPSE amicus; 34. Follow, HEED; 36. It rolls across fields, THUNDER; 37. Gorgon, e.g., HAG; 38. Business that’s always cutting back?, LAWN CARE; 42. Disinclined, LOATH; 44. Put on, AIR; 45. Like some doughnuts and eyes, GLAZED; 46. Makings of a model, maybe, BALSA; 47. Billet-doux recipients, AMIES; 48. Some bump producers, CYSTS; 49. Computer that pioneered in CD-ROMs, AMIGA; 50. Onetime Moore co-star, ASNER; 52. Longtime Yankee moniker, AROD; 54. Nocturnal bear, URSA; 55. No PETS (store sign); 57. Rhinology expert, for short, ENT.


Romulus and Remus by Rudyard Kipling

Oh, little did the Wolf-Child care--
When first he planned his home,
What City should arise and bear
The weight and state of Rome.

A shiftless, westward-wandering tramp,
Checked by the Tiber flood,
He reared a wall around his camp
Of uninspired mud.

But when his brother leaped the Wall
And mocked its height and make,
He guessed the future of it all
And slew him for its sake.

Swift was the blow--swift as the thought
Which showed him in that hour
How unbelief may bring to naught
The early steps of Power.

Foreseeing Time's imperilled hopes
Of Glory, Grace, and Love--
All singers, Caesars, artists, Popes--
Would fail if Remus throve,

He sent his brother to the Gods,
And, when the fit was o'er,
Went on collecting turves and clods
To build the Wall once more!


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