02.11.12 — Valentine

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Puzzle by Joe Krozel / Edited by Will Shortz

SAINT VALENTINE’S Day and TENDER-HEARTEDLY (36A. With love) stretch across this sweet little Saturday crossword divided into thirds with squares forming something like a billet-doux.

Other — CLEARED LANES (13D. They let traffic through after a crash), MEANS NOTHING (12D. Has no significance), OUT-STRIPS and OUT-VOTED, SETS ONE AT EASE (19A. Makes a person less tense).

Angelica Kauffmann, Portrait of a Woman as a Vestal Virgin, 1780-1785

Seven-letter — ADELPHI, ALICIAS, ALLANTE, ANTED UP, Primo CARNERA, CHAINED, ESPARTO (42A. Grass for some baskets), GALLIUM (11A. Element in many semiconductors), I PLAN TO (2D. “That‘s my intention“), LA SCALA, LETS DIE (18D. Doesn’t continue, as an argument), L LEYTON Hewitt, LURES IN (41A. Entices), MAILS TO, MENDERS (25D. Sewers, often), NEAREST, PENSÉES (24A. Collection of Blaise Pascal writings), PRINTS UP, SEA STEPS, SHANTIES, SPARING, STETSON, VESTALS (21D. Maintainers of a sacred flame in ancient Rome).

The remains — DAS and GAS, DODDS, EENIE, ENAS, ETAPE, GALAS, GELEE (10D. Food topping in France), GO PRO, MML, PEAL, PEER AT, PEPSI, REST, RHIN, RIP, ROLLIE (1D. Fingers on a diamond), Elliott SADLER, SAW (4A. Dated), SELIG (9D. Head honcho in baseball), STRAP, TIL, VAC, WINANS (6D. CeCe of gospel).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Fashion show disaster; 7. Make a major decision?; 913. Like galley slaves, typically; 15. Late 1980s Cadillac; 16. Literally, “the Stairway”; 20. Exceeds, as demand; 21. Closet item, for short; 25. Middle of this century; 28. Spanish queen and namesakes; 30. Father-and-son Connecticut congressmen Thomas and Chris; 31. Big ring; 32. Buckle attachment; 34. 9-5 connector; 35. Choice word?; 39. Long Island university; 40. Like the relatives notified in emergencies, usually; 43. Economical; 44. It might be tipped at a rodeo. — DOWN: 3. Quickly reproduces; 4. Ship’s boarding ladder; 5. Keys and Markova; 7. Lavish events; 8. Like John Kerry in 2004; 9. Opposites of mansions; 11. Blast; 14. German article; 22. Made a commitment to play; 23. Boxing Hall-of-Fame Primo; 26. Sends; 27. ___ Hewitt, 2002 Wimbledon winner; 20. Nascar driver Elliott; 31. Eye; 33. One side of a longstanding ad battle; 35. Military encampment; 37. Nose: Prefix; 38. Sign for a musician not to play.

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