02.18.12 — Saturday Stairway


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Puzzle by Matt Ginsberg / Edited by Will Shortz

This Saturday crossword is accompanied by the note “This puzzle has two bonus answers in appropriate places. Can you find them?“, e.g., UPSTAIRS and DOWNSTAIRS, a thought-out afterthought, giving an unorganized collection of this, that and the other thing a bit of reason.

Eight letters — AGNOSTIC, CALAMINE, EVE ARDEN (13A. Classic actress who played the principal in “Grease“), HOLD ONTO, HOOLIGAN, IN REPOSE, ON THE LAM, RAN SHORT, ROASTERS (1A. Big chickens), SEASONED, SEE STARS, SHOSHONE (36D. Sacagawea, for one), STATE PEN, WISHBONE (34D. Offensive formation).

Athena wears the ancient form of the Gorgon head on her aegis, as the huge serpent who guards the golden fleece regurgitates Jason; cup by Douris, Classical Greece, early fifth century BC – Vatican Museum.

Mid-size — AT LAST, CHAPEAU, “I’m a walking, talking ENIGMA“, GAINED, GORGON (42D. Homer’s “dread monster”), IN LOVE, Actress MARLEE Matlin, NATTER, NECTAR, OAT MEAL, ON A PAR, ON BASE, PASTIES and POTSIE, RHYTHMS, ROCOCO, SERMONS, SMETANA (8D. “The Brandenburgers in Bohemia“ composer), SWAP OUT, “Save the TIGERS“, TRUTH IS (38D. “In actuality …”), TUSHES (9A. Seat cushions?).

Five-letter — AGORA, A SNAP, CASCO Bay, I HEAR, ILONA Massey of “Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man“, ISLES (47D. Key chain?), TEMPO (5D. Grave, for one), TIMER, THEME, WANDA Jackson.

Short stuff — AGOG, AMY Klobuchar, AGOG, DAS, EBS, ELIA (6D. “Confessions of a Drunkard“ writer, 1822), GORP, HAIR, III, IMUS, IPO, LONI Anderson, LOU’S on First, Jim MORA, NEED, OORT (26D. Kind of cloud), OPA, ORTH, RIMA, RBI, SGT Friday, SHA, SLR, THOU, UNAS (10D. Final pharaoh of the Fifth Dynasty whose pyramid is near Cairo), WARM.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 15. Loose; 16. Like Fiennes’s Shakespeare; 17. Supply in a camper’s first-aid kit; 19. W.W. II inits.; 20. British meat pies; 22. Soviet accords?; 23. Maine’s ___ Bay; 25. Locks; 27. Vertical: Prefix; 28. Anderson who wrote “My Life in High Heels”; 29. 1950s-’60s singer Jackson, the Queen of Rockabilly; 30. Forum : Rome :: ___ : Athens; 32. Go on; 33. Exchange; 36. Talking-tos; 37. “Save the ___” (conservationists’ catchphrase); 38. A park may have one; 39. No challenge; 40. See 51-Across; 41. Stoked; 45. Grand; 46. Stern contemporary; 48. “This is a test. For the next 60 seconds …” org.; 49. Beats; 51. Notable stat for 40-Across; 52. Nickname for Warren Weber in an old sitcom; 54. Rowdy; 56. “I’m a walking, talking ___”: Larry David; 57. Resting; 58. Bee wine; 59. Veteran. — DOWN: 1. Plain’s opposite; 2. Commensurate (with); 3. “It’s about time!”; 4. Doo-wop syllable; 7. Didn’t have enough; 9. Scrabble accessory; 11. Canon type, briefly; 12. Retain; 14. Reel; 21. Junior Jr.; 24. Hat; 26. Dish eaten with a spoon; 28. “___ on First” (1981 comedian’s biography); 29. Tune (up); 31. Hiking snack; 32. Aid consideration; 33. Big house; 35. Uncommitted; 40. Minnesota senator Klobuchar; 43. Not home?; 44. Picked up; 46. Gossip opening; 47. Key chain?; 49. Italian lyrical verse; 50. N.F.L. coach Jim; 55. Bit of news in the financial sect.

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