02.25.12 — The Crossword Puzzle


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Twelve ten-letter answers, three in each corner, is the main feature of this Saturday crossword:

FIVE SATINS (5A. “In the Still of the Nite” doo-wop group, with “the”)
A LITTLE BIT (16A. Somewhat)
KOSHER DELI (18A. Where to request a knish)
MIND READER (60A. Medium relative)
ARE WE ALONE (64A. Spy’s query at the start of a meeting)
REGISTERED (66A. Like legal voters)
MOST WANTED (1D. Like some top-10 people)
ON THE MONEY (2D. Like bull’s-eyes)
BEER BOTTLE (3D. One in a stag’s litter)
STOLEN BASE (30D. One of Henderson’s record 1,406)
OCCASIONAL (31D. Off-and-on)
RHINESTONE (32D. Bit of paste)

Remaining across — AERO, AMOEBOID (27. Like some shape shifters?), CENSOR, DELE, DYE LOT, EELED, FLOP, I ROBOT (59. 1950 sci-fi classic), “Love IS AN Army“, LAN, LEGALESE (49A. Bar lines?), LOCI, MOBS, NANO, NOT, NOTCH, OHO, ONEO and OREO balls, RELOS, RISE, ST DENIS (53. First bishop of Paris), STEN, SUMOS, “THRICE the brinded cat hath mewed“, TNTS, TOWED, WEBCAST, XER.

Down — AL ROSEN (10. The Hebrew Hammer of the Cleveland Indians), CABS, DOLORES (43. Actress-turned-nun Hart), DOG-TIRED, DOWEL, DWI, ENE, ENOL, ETHER, FAKES OUT, HIRE, IBEX, ILO, LEONID (50. Russian playwright Andreyev), NILE, ODOR, OMAR (54. “Tis all a Chequer-board of Nights and Days“ poet), ONEG, PEALE, Abolhassan Bani-SADR, SELES, SELF, SO NICE, STERIC, STIR, TED, TIMOR, TORE AT, VISA.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Crowds around noisily; 15. Beginning of time?; 17. Korean War weapon; 21. Like sports cars, briefly; 22. Reagan-era teen, e.g.; 23. Modern-day stream; 25. Burgeon; 29. Cut bits from, maybe; 33. What “-” means in a search query; 34. Big rig rivals; 36. Mark of a successful gunfighter; 37. They cause blowups; 39. Like many disabled vehicles; 41. Positions; 42. Helped supply a sushi restaurant, say; 44. Promotions may require them, for short; 46. Chile’s main airline; 47. Yarn identifier; 51. Washout; 54. “Looky here!”; ___ balls (chocolaty snacks); 63. Mini successor; 65. LeAnn Rimes’s “Love ___ Army”; 67. Take out. — DOWN: 4. “Aah!”; 5. Tricks; 6. 1969 Peace Prize agcy.; 7. Certain stamp of approval; 8. Fifth element, per Aristotle; 9. Of atoms’ spatial relationships; 11. J.F.K. Speechwriter Sorensen; 12. Horned mountain dweller; 13. View from Memphis; 14. Kerfuffle; 20. Airport fleet; 24. It’s south of the Banda Sea; 26. Hydroxyl compound; 28. Tinkertoy bit; 35. 2009 Tennis Hall of Fame inductee; 38. Common portrait subject; 40. Beat; 45. Abolhassan Bani-___ (first president of Iran); 48. Clawed; 52. Guideposts magazine founder; 55. Take on; 56. Universal donor’s type, briefly; 58. Kitchen drawer?; 61 Traffic violation, for short; 62 Okla. City-to-Tulsa direction.


Mark Keyse said...

Going through the archives, stumbled on this Sat puzzle I hadn't worked yet. 15 across - Beginning of Time?. Answer is ONEO. Huh?

DONALD said...

ONE O'Clock