04.29.12 — Puns and Anagrams

The Fall of Icarus, 1636, Peter Paul Rubens


Sunday, April 29, 2012

PUNS AND ANAGRAMS, Puzzle by Mel Taub / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Surgically cuts, secrets, RESECTS; 8. Got ‘old of cab, AILED; 13. Makes a distribution and collapses, GIVES OUT; 14. S.C. beverages that go with fish, SCALES; 16. How to order Clara tea, A LA CARTE; 17. Mythical queen on beach with you, HECUBA; 18. Purest sleep, REST UP; 19. Leader of Perseus, oddly: Abbr., PRES; 21. Kind of dusky, SAN; 22. Seller’s condition for a relative, AS IS; 23. Twisted puns, SPUN; 24. Ticket #3, #2, #1 and #5, CITE; 25. Head of state, informally, GUV; 26. Colorful genre, GREEN; 28. Covers with hail, in afterthought, PAVES; 39. e + p = t; EPEEIST; 31. At mirror on the wall, who finds it safer?, FAIREST; 33. Man’s name for lava, ALVA; 34. What to do in the loge, OGLE; 35. Pins set in parts of feet, INSTEPS; 38. I resort to tear gas for them, RIOTERS; 42. Appears to see some, COMES; 43. A fool to dot two i’s, IDIOT; 45. Follower of Phil, LIP; 46. Asian river in intramurals, AMUR; 47. How to get the sum of a column of numbers, ADIT; 48. He likes to avoid a cop, CAPO; 49. Kind of dance, RID; 50. Region on the outskirts of the Arctic Sea, AREA; 51. Like resolute emir: Fr., FIRMER; 53. Remove belt during mix-up, UNGIRD; 55. Where the French found real iron LORRAINE; 57. CC 2; SEES TO; 58. Some tied to 4-Down, EDOMITES; 59. Perfume ingredient from trees, ESTER; 60. Water barrier and why it broke, DAMAGED.

Down — 1. Irritates P.I. rules, RILES UP; 2. Tricky Va. Sieve, EVASIVE; 3. Groups with radios and TVs (about 100), SECTS; 4. He didn’t use a birthright, ESAU; 5. Kind of oration, CORP; 6. Mild rebuke of a king, TUT; 7. Plain sound of a footfall, STEPPE; 8. Like Shane after getting terrible news, ASHEN; 9. Alternately increase desserts, ICES; 10. Black heart, LAC; 11. Evil use that’s hard to catch, ELUSIVE; 12. Disputes at de school in Maine, DEBATES; 13. Area Gigi used for parking, GARAGE; 15. Assent that’s most rational, SANEST; 20. Flee fort and ruin, RUN FOR IT; 23. Discarded as a steed is, SET ASIDE; 24. Trace it back to a proofreader, CARET; 26. He confused Selig, GILES; 27. Reply to semi-privates, RSVP; 28. One caught up in scheme of airman, PILOT; 30. One who dines in a tree, EATER; 32. Fee paid by Iago, AGIO; 35. Curia’s ill-fated flier, ICARUS; 36. One of the men, I.e., on the ballot, NOMINEE; 37. Dark spots on Ed’s gums, SMUDGES; 39. Ancient on Eli team, ELAMITE; 40. Matured red pine, RIPENED; 41. What is found in Sp. Mines, SPORES; 44. How laddie got connected, DIALED; 47. Zeal that sounds more difficult in London, ARDOR; 48. Cigar man, CRAIG; 50. Parted in the middle, ARTE; 51. Preposition on a form, FROM; 52. Maria who’s losing a girlfriend, IRMA; 54. First adherent, IST; 58. Where there’s much ado in a sultan’s palace, ODA.


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Anonymous said...

Can you explain 28 across? Covers = paves, but what's with the hail and afterthought?