04.20.12 — Herding Cats

Lion tamer in cage with two lions, a lioness, and two tigers, circa 1873, Library of Congress


Friday, April 20, 2012

Puzzle by Mike Nothnagel / Edited by Will Shortz

With distant clues for dull answers, this Friday crossword may not be a pleasant experience for many a solver.

Across — 1. One with a famous opening act?, ALI BABA; 8. Invite out for, ASK TO; 13. They get the scoop at work, SODA JERK; 16. Run, BLEED; 17. Trying to win a radio contest, say, CALLING IN; 18. Figure in a doctor’s office, CO-PAY; 19. Light breakfast, ONE EGG; 20. Liberal opening?, NEO; 22. Notes come out of them, ATMS; 23. Old game co. that made D&D; TSR; 24. Tree with catkins, ALDER; 26. Temporary retirements?, NAPS; 27. Intrepidity, VALOR; 29. “The Sorrows of Young Werther” author, GOETHE; 31. Runs out of energy, DIES; 33. Fix up, REHAB; 35. “Holy cow!”, BOY; 36. Frustratingly difficult, LIKE HERDING CATS; 39. Suffix with Caesar, EAN; 40. Excrete, EGEST; 41. Swing wildly, YOYO; 42. 11-Down, usually, GLOSSY; 44. Argument, POINT; 46. Part of the intro to a piece of “Champagne Music”, A TWO; 47. Area in front of a basketball net, informally, PAINT; 49. SHE-bear; 52. Allocation of some pork spending?, LOIN; 63. A.L. East squad, on scoreboards, TOR; 54. Quickly mount, LEAP ON; 57. Bit of funny business, ANTIC; 59. Fools around, KILLS TIME; 61. Advertiser with a computer-generated mascot, GEICO; 62. Game that gave rise to the expression “ace in the hole”, STUD POKER; 63. Thomas Cromwell’s earldom, ESSEX; 64. Positive or negative, NON-ZERO.

Down — 1. Fred has one in “Scooby-Doo” cartoons, ASCOT; 2. Assistance for short people?, LOANS; 3. Thumb twiddler, IDLER; 4. Roll in a field, BALE; 5. Do A JIG (celebrate, sort of); 6. Player losing to the 49ers in Super Bowl XVI or XXIII, BENGAL; 7. Intl. soccer powerhouse, ARG; 8. Original airer of “The Jetsons”, ABC; 9. SLOANE Crosley, author of the 2008 best seller “I Was Told There’d Be Cake”; 10. Held back, KEPT AT BAY; 11. Item in a trophy case, TEAM PHOTO; 12. Cross-country trips, perhaps, ODYSSEYS; 14. Soul mate, KINDRED SPIRIT; 15. N.F.L. All-Pro player Chris SNEE; 21. What a fugue may be written for, ORGAN; 25. “Passage to Marseille” actor, 1944, LORRE; 27. Valve opening?, VEE; 28. Some flakes, ASHES; 30. Specialty doc, OB GYN; 31. Connection indicators, DIAL TONES; 32. “You’re telling me!”, I KNOW IT IS; 34. Discover, as a solution, HIT ON; 36. 21, often, LEGAL AGE; 37. 2011 revolution locale, EGYPT; 38. Item in a tent, maybe, COT; 43. “Ooh-la-la!”, SO NICE; 45. “Better than nothing”, IT’LL DO; 48. Informal approvals, A-OKS; 49. Shoot up, SPIKE; 50. “Breezing Up (A Fair Wind): artist, 1876, HOMER; 51. When to celebrate el Dia de los Reyes, ENERO; 55. “Outside the Lines” airer, ESPN; 56. Comprehensive, A TO Z; 58. Boat navigator, informally, COX; 60. “LUN Yu” (collection also known as “The Analects of Confucius”).


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