04.07.12 — The Saturday Crossword

The Tower of London, J. M. W. Turner, circa 1825


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Puzzle by Robert C. Wolfe / Edited by Will Shortz

TOWER OF LONDON (16-Down. Traitors’ Gate locale) connects the two separate halves of this affable Saturday crossword with five fifteen-letter answers:

I’M NOT INTERESTED (15A. What a telemarketer often hears before a click)
PRICE ON ONE’S HEAD (17A. Reward in the offing?)
CHANCE OF SUCCESS (34A. Nonstarter’s lack)
HAVE A GOOD MIND TO (49A. Might just)

Other — CO-WRITTEN (39A. Like Lennon/McCartney songs), DISCOLORS (23A. Stains), INTEND TO (31A. Probably will), LACROSSE (37A. The Cherokee deemed it good training for war).

Mid-size — ACTABLE, AENEAS (8D. Heroic son of Prince Anchises), BIG HAND (42A. Provider of up-to-the-minute info?), CANOES, DIORAMA, LASHES, NOT EASY, SCANNED, ST KITTS, TOTTER, WEST END (19A. Covent Garden area).

Five-letter — ACRID, ASCOT (27D. “My Fair Lady” setting), CAGER, CENTS, CHEST, CRESS, DICTA, ESSEN, HESSE, “IN HOC signo vinces”, LUCRE, NONCE, OLDER, SHADE (40D. Strawberry is one), STATE, TESTY.

Short stuff — ACES, ACHE, ANN, ASHE, ATE, BABE, B-TEN, Leap-the-DIPS (world‘s oldest operating roller coaster), DTS, EDD Roush, EDIT, GERT Frobe, HAN dynasty, IEST, IMRE Nagy, INRI, IRK, IVES, LEAD (13D. Fat part), MET (51D. Strawberry was one), MIO, ON IT, ROC, SAWN, SETS and STET, TORS, TOTO.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Many a museum dinosaur display; 8. Suited to the stage; 18. Three in a match, maybe; 20. Taking some doing; 27. Bleed (for); 32. Back 40?; 36. Threaten collapse; 38. Masters; 40. Checked the meter?; 45. Follower of blood and guts; 54. Homemakers out on a limb?; 55. Site of the first British colony in the Caribbean, 1624. — DOWN: 2. Hungary’s ___ Nagy; 3. Doing the job; 4. Huge-taloned menaces; 5. Put down; 6. Parmesan pronoun; 7. Name meaning “grace”; 9. Mustard family member; 10. Easily snapping; 11. He got a tennis scholarship from U.C.L.A.; 12. Old bomber; 14. Reds great Roush; 20.Present; 21. Senior; 22. 1930s film dog; 23. Mandates; 24. “___ signo vinces” (Constantine I’s motto); 25. 29-Down, for one; 26. Two are often put in; 28. Where to feel the beat?; 29. Its capital is Wiesbaden; 30. European city whose name sounds like two letters of the alphabet; 32. Shameful gain; 33. Nose-burning; 35. Like much lumber; 39. “The Last of the Mohicans’ craft; 41. One engaged in bucket-making; 42. Toots; 43. St. ___, Cornwall; 44. Frobe who played Goldfinger; 45. Sign letters on the cross; 46. Execute a 47-Down, e.g.; 47. See 46-Down; 48. Rocky outcrops; 49. China’s ___ dynasty; 50. Affliction a k a “blue devils”; 52. Chafe.

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Anonymous said...

This is the worst crossword ever made. IEST. INRI. IMRE. Cager? making buckets? I hate you. go back to london.