04.21.12 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Pettifog, SQUABBLE; 9. Home of Texas A&M International University, LAREDO; 15. Reprimander of Miss Gulch, AUTIE EM; 16. Flew united?, ELOPED; 17. Not covered anywhere, NAKED AS A JAYBIRD; 19. One in a powerful house, DYNAST; 20. “Cats” Tony Winner Trevor NUNN; 21. Pop sharer, SIS; 22. Legions, A LOT; 23. Heartless sort, BEAST; 25. Like many suites, POSH; 26. Reason for a replay, LET; 27. “Join me?”, WANT TO; 28. Prefix with -matic, IDIO; 29. Nautilus shell liners, NACRES; 30. “All Day Strong. All Day Long” sloganeer, ALEVE; 31. Pole dance?, MAZURKA; 34. Their scales aid in location, ATLASES; 36. “Do I DARE?”; 37. Remove with leverage, PRY OFF; 39. Grp. On the floor, SENS; 40. The health-conscious often take them, STAIRS; 41. Bug about bills, DUN; 44. Olden dagger, SNEE; 45. Uncommon delivery, QUINT; 46. Manager, briefly, SUPE; 47. Finishing touch on a diamond?, TAG; 48. Dermatologist’s concern, BURN; 49. Affects radically, UPENDS; 51. Events marked by large streamers, AURORAE BOREALIS; 54. Was a real stinker, REEKED; 55. Pass, OVERTAKE; 56. Meetings kept under wraps, TRYSTS; 57. Utterly unpredictable, WIDE OPEN.

Down — 1. It’s barely about a foot, SANDAL; 2. Deliverer of the 1992 “Murphy Brown speech”, QUAYLE; 3. Relax during a massage, as a muscle, UNKNOT; 4. Bothered, ATE AT; 5. Offers for lots, BIDS; 6. Drive away, BEAT BACK; 7. Brown with the Band of Renown, LES; 8. Spring, EMANATE; 9. Bit of rough housing, LEAN-TO; 10. Kirk who played the first big-screen Superman, ALYN; 11. Mug, say, ROB; 12. Program developments, EPISODES; 13. Like raspberries, DERISIVE; 14. They’re unmatched in footwear, odd shoes; 18. “Hey, it’s something to consider”, JUST SAYIN’; 24. Transport, ENRAPTURE; 25. Bed for some kebabs, PILAF; 27. Tin finish?, WARE; 29. Worker with vital information?, NURSE; 30. Film composer Clausen and others, ALFS; 31. Get off on the wrong foot, MIS-START; 32. Erhard succeeded him in 1963, ADENAUER; 33. “The Vanishing American” novelist, 1925, ZANE GREY; 35. Taking great pains, TORTURED; 38. Shower surprise, RAINBOW; 40. Some quiet riots, SQUADS; 41. “André” playwright William, DUNLAP; 42. 1982 and 1991 Pulitzer winner for fiction, UPDIKE; 43. Ford’s press secretary, NESSEN; 46. Defense grp. Formed in 1954, SEATO; 48. Four-time Gold Glove Award winner Boone, BRET; 50. Man in la famille, PERE; 52. Agreements, OKS; 53. Duct lead-in, OVI.


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