04.14.12 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Puzzle by Mark Diehl / edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Skirt raisers?, UPDRAFTS; 9. Toward the tip, APICAL; 15. Equivalent o “ibidem”, SEE ABOVE; 16. POCONO 400 (Pennsylvania Nascar event); 17. They’re often swiped at stores, ATM CARDS; 18. Parnassian, POETIC; 19. Stereotypical bouncers, BRUISERS; 20. Do some post-harvesting work, THRESH; 21. Marion LORNE, Emmy-winning actress on “Bewitched”; 22. A hand, AID; 24. Singer in the “Odyssey”, SIREN; 25. “What ELSE?”; 26. Subject for Enrico Caruso, AMORE; 28. Kiss hit “Rock and Roll All NITE; 29. Western wear JEAN JACKETS; 31. Cousin of bridge, SPADES; 35. Discards, TOSSES; 36. 2001 presidential biography by Edmund Morris, THEODORE REX; 40. Pull down, EARN; 41. Michael who sang “I’m a lumberjack and I’m O.K.”, PALIN; 42. Rudimentary run, ABCS; 46. Puts on a graph, say, PLOTS; 48. Zero-deg. Setting, GMT; 49. Source of a feather in one’s cap?, EGRET; 50. Symbol of power, FASCES; 52. TV hotline, BAT PHONE; 54. Captured for posterity, maybe, ON TAPE; 55. Spanish port, ALICANTE; 56. Classic Lorre role, UGARTE; 57. Jabbed back, RIPOSTED; 58. Like classic stories, REREAD; 59. Macramé creators, KNOTTERS.

The Siren, by John William Waterhouse (circa 1900), depicted as a fish-chimera.

Down — 1. Helpful, USABLE; 2. Lorry supply, PETROL; 3. Shows reservations, DEMURS; 4. Molière contemporary, RACINE; 5. Put to shame, ABASE; 6. “Heads up!”, FORE; 7. Many an HBO show, TV DRAMA; 8. Shrink time, say, SESSION; 9. 8-Down, e.g.: Abbr., APPT; 10. Some toy bears, informally, POOHS; 11. They have two goals, ICE RINKS; 12. Sets of friends, COTERIES; 13. Liqueur sweetened with syrup, ANISETTE; 14. Locale in a much-studied 1934 photo, LOCH NESS; 23. 11970s-’80s N.B.A. nickname, DR J; 26. Classical subject of a Velázquez painting in the Prado, AESOP; 27. Gone from a plate, EATEN; 29. “The Beverly Hillbillies” role, JED; 30. 1920 Democratic presidential nominee, COX; 31. “Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves,” in Alcoholics Anonymous, STEP FOUR; 32. Digital bone, PHALANGE; 33. 1980s-’90s Ford model, AEROSTAR; 34. “Whatever”, DON’T CARE; 37. Catchy tune, RAG; 38. Medicinal tea source, ELM BARK; 39. Narcolepsy drug, RITALIN; 42. Totally shaken, AGHAST; 42.3. Family name in English literature, BRONTË; 44. See 49-Down, CENTER; 45. Strong mounts, STEEDS; 47. Walls of the heart, SEPTA; 49. With 44-Down, it had its grand opening on 10//1/1982, EPCOT; 51. Ranked player, SEED; 53. TIP O’ the hat.


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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I thought "apical" referred to tailless primate beekeepers.