04.12.12 — Clara Barton and the American Red Cross

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Puzzle by Michael Shteyman / Edited by Will Shortz

CLARA BARTON (20A. Founder of the 26-/21-Down, who died on April 12, 1912), AMERICAN / RED CROSS (28D. With 21-Down, humanitarian organization) and BLOOD DONORS (55A. Some 25-/21-Down) constitute the interrelated group of this one-hundred-year-old anniversary-of-the-death-of Thursday crossword.

Five-letter — ABORT, ALLAN, BARBQ, DUBAI, ENNUI, HAMEL (4D. Actress Veronica who was the model in the last cigarette ad shown on U.S. TV), ISUZU, KABUL, NAACP, OLIVE, OREAD, RANEE, RESTS, RSVPD, SATIE, STOLI, TONGA, TRIOS.

Short stuff — ABU and ABUT, ACER, ACHE, ADD (66A. Lack of focus, colloquially), AOL and ATL, BERI, BRAS, DELL, DIME, ESP, EVER since, EXEC, GAP, IDEA, LATS, NCAA, NEV, NSA, ONE C, ORNE, QTIP, “No PASA nada“, REAL, ROBE, SILO, SKIS, SPA, TILL, UZI.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Govt. org. whose logo depicts an eagle standing on a key; 9. Backyard event, informally; 14. View from Casablanca: Abbr.; 15. Item on a toothpick, maybe; 16. Stop abruptly; 17. I.S.P. giant; 18. Queen of India; 19. Persian Gulf port; 23. Initial feeling?; 24. It helps you get a handle on things; 25. It’s a thought; 27. Torch bearer; 32. White jacket, often; 35. Core; 36. Computer maker; 37. Unimagined; 38. Clearance sites?; 42. Vocabulary-related; 45. Kind of wave; 46. Judiciary checker: Abbr.; 47. Forage storage; 48. Faucet attachment; 52. Steamy place; 57. Capital of the country that’s alphabetically first in the United Nations; 59. Some Beethoven works; 60. The Battle Born State: Abbr.; 61.”Go farther” sloganeer, once; 62. Lassitude; 63. Break; 64. Debussy contemporary; 65. Breaks. — DOWN: 1. Annual Image Awards grp.; 2. Alternative to Putinka, briefly; 3. Literary middle name; 4. He is “more an antique Roman than a Dane,” in literature; 5. Georgia’s on its side; 8. It flows with the wind; 9. Cool quality, in modern slang; 10. “Father of,” in Arabic; 11. “Judge Judy” coverage?; 12. Victoria’s Secret merchandise; 13. Medicine applicator; 22. Poetry volume; 29. 10 sawbucks; 30. ESPN ticker abbr.; 31. Computer maker; 32. Workout target, for short; 33. Yearn; 34. When doubled, a vitamin deficiency; 40. Cultivate; 41. Transport on two wheels; 42. Openings; 43. Deleted, as text; 49. Fiji’s neighbor to the east; 50. Mountain nymph; 51. Answered; 52. They’re lifted on chairlifts; 53. “No ___ nada” (“Don’t worry about it”: Sp.); 54. Neighbor; 58. Department of NW France; 58. Israeli weapon.

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