04.26.12 — World

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Puzzle by Julian Lim / Edited by Will Shortz

WORLD in five squares is the main feature of this Thursday crossword:

  • IT’S A SMALL [WORLD] AFTER ALL (1A and 40A. With 40-Across, a chorus line … ) with [WORLD] WIDE WEB (41D. Realm of many searches)
  • SEA [WORLD] (10A. Where dolphins perform tricks) with [WORLD] BANK (13D. Group making billion-dollar loans)
  • FIRST [WORLD] WAR (23A. The Treaty of Versailles ended it) with REAL [WORLD] (5D. Long-running MTV show, with “The”)
  • A WHOLE NEW [WORLD] (59a. Oscar-winning song from “Aladdin”) with [WORLD]LY (63D. Possessing much life experience
  • OLD [WORLD] (67A. Europe, Asia and Africa) with RING[WORLD] (50D. 1970 Hugo Award-winning novel by Larry Niven)

Other — ARRANGE (26D. Orchestrate), CANDY APPLE (17A. Snack on a stick), DEODORANT (51A. Secret, e.g.), OIL-PROOF (8D. Like some safety boots), PIPES IN (21A. Imports, as elevator music), ROOT CROP (35A. Turnips, e.g.), TOSS DOWN (42A. Chug), UNHINGE (5A. Drive mad).

Mid-size — ABBESS (68A. First in an order), ALDRIN (33D. Apollo 11 astronaut), Slippery as AN EEL, AUGIE, A WEEK (27A. Hebdomadally), DELTS, ELISE, FLOAT, GEAR TO, “I AM SO dead!“, IN PAWN, MATRI, MUMBO, NO MORE (45D. “I’ve had enough!“), NROTC, “OL’ MAN River”, OMAHAS (31A. Oto neighbors), ON TIME, OREOS, PAC-TEN, Il PLEUT, RAITA, REIGN, RENOIR (15A. Painter of many nudes), SCREW, THIRD (49D. Place for a yellow ribbon), TRIPOD (4A. Astronomer’s accessory). TRYST.

Short stuff — BERG, CLUB, CRT, DIS, DREI, EGO, Lady GAGA, GAL, HAB and HAS, INC, ISLA de Margarita, LAO, Lo MEIN, NEO, OXY, POP, REN, RIGA, SLOE, SON, TAU, TEA Party, In TOTO, WAX.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. With 40-Across, a chorus line … or a hint to this puzzle’s theme; 4. Astronomer’s accessory; 14. A fresh start?; 16. Kind of sandwich; 19. Capital city on the Daugava River; 28. Southeast Asian language; 29. Campus org. for ensigns-in-training; 40. See 1-Across; 43. Punctual; 44. Cover many subjects?; 46. Sigma follower; 47. Prefix with lineal; 57. Just; 64. It might come off the shelf; 66. “Has Anybody Seen My ___?” (1920s song); 69. ___ 10 (acne-fighting medicine). — DOWN: 1. Part of many a firm’s name; 3. Young fellow; 4. Lover’s plan; 6. Hocked; 7. Result of rampant inflation?; 9. Eins + zwei; 10. Thread holder; 11. Beethoven honoree; 12. ___ Doggie (old cartoon pooch); 18. Insult, slangily; 22. Arizona and Arizona State jointed it in ‘78; 23 Parade part; 25. Is peripatetic; 30. In ___ (altogether); 32. Experiences; 34. Plum look-alike; 36. Old PC part; 37. Indian sauce with coriander and cumin; 39. Il ___ (it rains: Fr.); 47. Jumbo beginning?; 52. Shoulder muscles, for short; 53. Many people like to take these apart; 54. Nicktoons character; 60. Old Testament book before Zephaniah: Abbr.; 61. Bighead; 62. Floor cover.

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