04.06.12 — Not My Cup of Tea

Harvey Fierstein in the musical "La Cage aux Folles"


Friday, April 6, 2012

Puzzle by Mike Nothnagel / Edited by Will Shortz

Negativism is the main feature of this fraught Friday crossword.

Across — 1. Letter carrier, MAILBAG; 8. Quaint place to live?, TOWNE; 13. Extreme choice, ALL OR NONE; 16. Farmer’s enemy, APHIS; 17. Much-favored person, GOLDEN BOY; 18. Some subatomic particles, PIONS; 19. Retired, IN BED; 20. ATRA Plus (razor brand); 22. Home to a school or pre-Socratic philosophers, ELEA; 23. Comedic duo?, CEES; 24. Using an Rx, say, ON MEDS; 26. Ron who played Tarzan, ELY; 27. Where your ship may come in, BAY; 28. Loafs on the job, DOGS IT; 30. Filling point, BRIM; 34. “When I was a lad ..”, ONCE; 36. Smoot, SUAVE; 37. Six-time Tony winner of 1984, LA CAGE AUX FOLLES; 40. Stump the crowd?, ORATE; 41. Vet employer, maybe: Abbr., SPCA; 42. 16-Across, e.g., PEST; 43. Rambled, WENT ON; 45. Bygone, OLD; 46. 86 or 99 on “Get Smart”: Abbr., AGT; 47. Tangles, SNAFUS; 49. Chip in a dish, e.g., FLAW; 53. Gush (over), FAWN; 55. Round nos., ESTS; 56. It’s often backed up, PLAN A; 57. Foreign assistance org. since 1961, U S AID; 59. Use advantageously, as an idea, SEIZE UPON; 61. Big name in watches, SEIKO; 62. Place to find subs, NAVAL BASE; 63. Rob of “Melrose Place”, ESTES; 64. Discharged, EGESTED.

Down — 1. Word with square or number, MAGIC; 2. Helpless?, ALONE; 3. “Can you beat that?!”, I’LL BE; 4. Bonanzas, LODES; 5. Raised, BRED; 6. Rule among true crime writers, ANN; 7. Run wild, GO BANANAS; 8. Physical “Psst!”, TAP; 9. Grandnephew in 1960s TV, OPIE; 10. Not marked up, WHOLESALE; 11. Cat’s gift, NINE LIVES; 12. Final words?, ESSAY TEST; 14. Passing remark?, NOT MY CUP OF TEA; 15. “Gentle reader, may you never feel what I then felt!” speaker, EYRE; 21. Attach (to), ADD; 24. Instrument with a bell, OBOE; 25. Average, SO SO; 29. [This is scary!], GULP; 30. Lose it, BLOW A FUSE; 31. Contents of the rightmost column of a table, RARE GASES; 32. Words of anticipation, I CAN’T WAIT; 33. Political writer MATT Bai; 35. Scoop, EXCLUSIVE; 38. Prizm and Spectrum, once, GEOS; 39. They’re not hot for very long, FADS; 44. Anchorage-to-Fairbanks dir., NNE; 48. Order: Abbr., ASSN; 49. Contents of many outtakes, FLUBS; 50. Wash against gently, LAP AT; 51. Win by A NOSE; 52. Declined, WANED; 54. Figure on the front of Olympic medals since 1928, NIKE; 56. Forward who wore #10, PELE; 58. Elements of some lists, DOS; 60. Quickly turn back, ZAG.


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