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Giant squid that washed ashore at Trinity Bay, Newfoundland in 1877. 
Published in Canadian Illustrated News, October 27, 1877.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Puzzle by Sean Dobbin / Edited by Will Shortz

Four double-meaning phrases utilizing the names of baseball teams constitutes the interrelated group in this Thursday crossword:

GIANTSQUID (20A. California ballplayer’s pound?)
CARDINALSIN (26A.Missouri ballplayer’s connection)
TIGERSTRIPE (45A. Michigan ballplayer’s rubbish)
PIRATESHIP (55A. Pennsylvania ballplayer’s joint?)


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geoff said...

Cincinnati ballplayer's health insurance?
Red's Care

Florida ballplayer's toll road?
Marlin's pike

California ballplayers pay attention?
Angels hark

Seattle ballplayer's pedometer?
Mariner's pace probe

Philadelphia ballplayer's mahogany?
Philly's teak

Yomiuri ballplayer's pet rabbit?
Lion's hare

Chunichi ballplayer's relatives?
Dragon's kin

Hiroshima ballplayers putting up their bats as collateral?
Carps pawning

Buffalo puck smacker's moor?
Sabre's heath

Calgary puck whacker's sedative taken before a party so as to not melt the ice too much?
Flame suppressant

Edmonton slicker team all doodied up for a night on the town?
Oiler swells

Arizona loaf lofter's three wheeled vehicle?
Wildcat's trike

Cleveland gridiron grazer's farming implement?
Brown's hoe

Brooklyn round baller's brewskis?
Net's ales