06.23.13 — Two-by-Fours


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Two-by-Fours, Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Eight answers each with four squares containing two letters, e.g., OR, IN, ER, TH, ON, OW, ST and AR, constitutes the interrelated group of this intriguing Sunday crossword:

F[OR] BETTER [OR] F[OR] W[OR]SE (22A. Comic strip about the Patterson family)
S[IN]G[IN] [IN] THE RA[IN] (45A. #1 on the American Film Institute’s “Great Movie Musicals” list)
W[ER]N[ER] KLEMP[ER][ER] (73A. German-born Emmy winner of 1960s TV)
[TH]IS [TH]AT AND [TH]E O[TH]ER (94A. Various things)
[ON]CE UP[ON] A H[ON]EYMO[ON] (4D. 1942 Cary Grant comedy)
H[OW] N[OW] BR[OW]N C[OW] (15D. Elocution phrase)
CA[ST][S T]HE FIR[ST] [ST]ONE (47D. Initiates a conflict)
M[AR]G[AR]ET F[AR]R[AR] (61D.Classic name in crossword puzzles)


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